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Plotting - 8/17/2002 [August 17, 2007 @ 6:24pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

As I walk up to Zonko’s to meet Bill and find out if there’s anything new about Fred, I’m surprised to see Aveline standing outside the store pacing back and forth. She’d told me that she had errands this afternoon and wouldn’t be back until the evening.

But it’s good to see her, even with Fred missing and I smile for what seems the first time in days. I’ve tried hard to keep my grief and anger over Fred from exploding but every minute that ticks by seems to lead to me slipping further into despair.

Still, as I get closer to Aveline, I see the tension on her features and the nervousness in her stride. I become concerned for her, especially since keeping her stress level controlled is so important. But before I can inquire about what is wrong, she steps close to me, her deep brown eyes meeting mine as she says, “Charlie, I need to talk to you before you go in there.”

Her words are choppy and hesitant, so unlike Aveline and I begin to fret even more. She runs her hands over her sides before she takes a deep, calming breath and says, “I know where Fred is, Charlie.”

“Where is he?” I reply impatiently while taking hold of her hand.

She pulls her hand away and her features look somewhat crestfallen while she responds, “It was Babette, Charlie. I’m so sorry.”

“What the fuck do you mean? She kidnapped Fred?” I hiss through clenched teeth.

Aveline’s eyes search mine and I try to remain calm while she answers, “Yes, I went over to try to get her to help Gabrielle and I saw him there. But he was chained to a wall and she had guards or I would have –“

“No, you made the right decision. You wouldn’t have been able to do much and it would have put two more lives at risk.” I say soothingly but in my mind, I can’t help but picture my brother chained and tortured. Shaking myself out of my reverie, I ask, “Tell me everything?”

“She’s gone over the edge. I mean Babette always did what she felt necessary but this is insane. She had him chained like a picture on the wall in her bedroom,” Aveline answers and I watch her features pinch with the memory.

“What’s his condition?” I ask.

“He’s alive. That’s all I can really say. I didn’t get much of a chance to do anything because Babette kicked me out,” she responds. “But we need to get him out of there, Charlie.”

“Let me get inside and I’ll get everyone together,” I say with determination in my voice. I feel a renewed hope but I know we need to move fast.

“They’re already here except for Bill and he’s on the way. Tonks contacted everyone except for you and Gabrielle who’s upstairs sleeping. Fleur gave her a potion.” Aveline crosses her arms and replies.

“How does Tonks know?” I ask defensively.

“I went to her first. I thought she’d have a more level head,” Aveline says quietly.

I want to argue that Aveline should have come to me or Bill or George first. Fred is our brother and we had the right to know immediately. But we don’t have time to argue and instead, I pivot on my heel and enter Zonko’s while I say, “Let’s go.”

Entering the store, I’m glad it’s already closed as George and Cho sit holding hands around a transfigured box that has become a table with chairs. George looks tired and fretful while I can see that Cho is concentrating already at the task-at-hand, the determined set of her face so familiar from our time together in Tibet.

Fleur walks in with Tonks carrying a pot of tea while a tray of cups and saucers flies next to them. I’m truly surprised though when Whizzy follows them with a tray laden with sugar, milk, and honey. I nod at him when he walks by and grimaces at me before he puts the tray down.

Aveline moves over to Fleur and they talk quietly. I can tell from the look on Fleur’s face that Aveline’s telling her about her mother. I watch as Fleur becomes agitated before Aveline hugs her.

I wonder briefly how Fleur feels about all this before I walk over and clap George’s shoulder while I say, “How’re you holding up?”

“Good, just tired. Longest he and I have been apart since we were born,” George replies tiredly as Cho squeezes his hand in reassurance.

“Does anyone know what’s happening?” Cho asks, her eyes imploring each of us.

“We’re waiting for Bill and then we can tell everyone,” Tonks replies calmly.

“We could begin without him,” Whizzy responds, his voice full of irritation as he takes a seat next to George.

“No, we wait. He won’t be long,” I reply tersely while the Tonks, Aveline, and Fleur sit.

Bill arrives a few minutes later and looks around the room. I can see that he is just as anxious as the rest of us. He stalks over to stand next to Fleur and I nod at him. I glance at him quickly, apprising how the potion is affecting him and how much of him is truly werewolf and how much is still my brother.

He scowls as he sits and takes Fleur’s hand possessively before he barks, “What’s going on?”

Taking a deep breath, I slowly pivot my head, taking in everyone and noticing the anxiety and exhaustion on their features. Leaning on the table with the palms of my hands, I say, “It looks like we know where Fred is now and we have the chance to get him out.”

There is a general gasp of astonishment before George stands and inquires, “Where is he, Charlie?”

“He has been kidnapped by Babette Delacour,” I reply solemnly.

“That fucking bitch,” Bill spits before he remembers that Fleur is sitting next to him and calms down quickly.

“No reason to curse her now because we need to focus on getting him out soon,” Tonks explains before she picks up her cup of tea.

“I think Aveline needs to explain what’s going on. She saw Fred and is our source of information now,” I answer in a louder than normal voice to get over the general din.

Everyone stares at Aveline while she composes herself and says, “I saw him when I went to ask Babette for help. I tried to get him out of there but there are guards all over the place.” She glances at the floor before continues, “But Fleur and I both know the place very well and we can get people in to save him.”

“I think we just need two under a disillusionment spell to find him so there’s less chance of being caught,” Tonks interjects.

“So who goes? I know I want in,” George answers and I ca see the excitement in his eyes.

“Me too,” Bill says as he puts his hands on the table and stands.

“I think you definitely go, Bill but it should be me who goes with him, George,” I reply after thinking for a moment.

“Who put you in charge?” George snaps at me.

“I didn’t say I was in charge but it makes the most sense. Look at what Bill and I do for a living and if Tonks and Aveline weren’t both pregnant, they would be going in before you too as would Cho,” I reply, trying to use logic to calm him.

George scowls as he thinks over what I’ve said before his shoulders slump and he inquires, “So what are the rest of us supposed to do?”

“I think we should be there as a backup under another disillusionment spell.” Cho responds as everyone stops speaking to listen to the petite woman. “It would make sense if things go wrong. No sense having the two of you captured or killed. If I remember right, there are many places outside we can wait.”

“How do we get in?” Bill asks. “That place is under some type of ‘Fidelius’ charm.”

“I think I can put a tracer spell on one person who can get onto the grounds. Then they can leave a Portkey in an out of the way place so we can follow,” Cho answers.

“I will be ze one who goes in, no?” Fleur inquires while she looks at me.

“I think that makes sense,” I reply.

“Why does it have to be her?” Bill’s eyes bore into mine as he takes hold of Fleur’s hand protectively. “Aveline can go in, she knows the layout.”

“Because Mere ‘as disowned Aveline. I ‘ave been on her good side for once,” Fleur responds as she turns her head to lock eyes with Bill.

There is a moment of tension before Bill relaxes and turns away from her. He looks at me as he says in a threatening tone, “You had better figure out a way to keep her safe, brother.”

“All she has to do is get us into the castle, Bill. After that, she can leave with a headache or something,” I answer.

“Should Dorrie and Aveline be taken?” Whizzy asks. He takes a sip of tea before he reasons, “After all, they are pregnant.”

“I don’t think you can stop us,” Aveline replies with a scowl.

“I agree with her, Whizzy. Every wand counts if we need to go in,” George responds.

“What about Gabrielle?” Tonks asks quietly.

What about me?” a voice calls out from the door to the office and we all turn to see Gabrielle standing there staring at all of us. I can see the flush of anger on her features as she walks toward the table and I realize that our plan may need a few revisions.

Apologies and Dog Bowls Accepted [July 31, 2006 @ 2:45pm]
I feel like a little child as I stand up behind my desk. My voice sounded more desperate than I wanted it to be when I called for Tonks but the night of our breakup still plays heavily in my mind. I was an arse and I’ve regretted it every day since then. I’ve often wondered if I was too harsh about that one kiss but whether I was or not, I still should not have treated her that way.

“I was a bastard, Tonks. I never meant to hurt you or let things get that far out-of-hand after what happened with Whizzy,” I say quietly while meeting her questioning brown eyes.

“You shouldn’t be apologizing, Charlie. I…I…shouldn’t have kissed Whizzy,” Tonks stammers as she fumbles with the doorknob before turning around.

“I overreacted and if I hadn’t, things might have been…” I shut my mouth quickly as I round the desk.

Her eyes meet mine before she nods quietly and steps back into the office. Her arms cross in front of her and she looks so tiny standing in front of me. The rest of my words are left unspoken and a silence ensues between us as we each stare at the other.

“I know what you mean, Charlie,” she replies and I put my arms around her.

Holding Tonks for a moment, I feel relief wash over me. I’m happy with Aveline but I’ve known Tonks…been with Tonks…thought about Tonks for most of my life and there has been definite void in my life since our breakup….she’s a good person and a has always been a good friend and I need that.

Pulling away from her, I see her eyes are glistening with moisture. A smile creases her features and I breathe a deep sigh of relief before I say, “Thanks for accepting my apology.”

“I missed you,” Tonks answers.

“I missed you too,” I respond while I offer her a seat again. Smiling, I watch her sit before I say, “I think that I felt the baby kick again.”

“I believe the little one likes you, Charlie.” Tonks’ hand drops to her belly and she caresses it lightly.

“Well, I have that touch. Five younger brothers and one sister is a lot of practice,” I reply. Scooting forward in my chair, I ask, “So did you give up and decide to find out the baby’s sex.”

“No, I think I’d like to know but it’s turned into a battle of wills now because it drives Whizzy bonkers not to know.” She grins and I can see the mischievous twinkle in her eye that I enjoy so much.

“So aren’t you worried that it might be a bit last minute and all finding out if you have a boy or a girl?” I ask.

“Well, I have an idea of what we’re having already and I’ve been stowing things away for the baby.” Tonks says confidently.

My mouth gapes open in astonishment at her statement. It just seems amazing to me that she’d take that chance but that’s Tonks and when we were together, I was right along with her in every scheme and idea that she came up with in the past.

“So does Whizzy know?” I inquire.

“Of course not…I’m going to surprise him,” Tonks answers with a grin.

I arch my eyebrow, knowing how much Whizzy loves to plans things out and keep his life in a nice, orderly fashion. Smirking, I shake my head and say, “I think dear Mr. Worthington is going to be a basket case, Tonks.”

“Oh, he’s too wrapped up in the idea of having a baby now. Whizzy isn’t even considering the sex yet. He just wants a healthy baby.” Tonks’ hand touches my arm as she chuckles quietly. “It’ll all work out…it always does.”

“I can’t argue with you there,” I reply but I feel a slight pang at her words given the circumstances of our breakup.

“Well, most of the time,” Tonks amends her statement after she thinks for a moment and she casts her eyes to the floor again.

Another pregnant pause occurs and Tonks moves to stand again. I realize though that I don’t want her to leave and I reach across the space, taking her arm before I say, “Of course it works out. It seems to me that we’re friends again and I know Avie is working with Whizzy too. So I think there may be some peace on the horizon.”

“How about between you and Whizzy?” Tonks question stuns me and I’m quiet for a moment.

“I think that may take some more time,” I answer with a grin.

Tonks smiles and replies, “I hope it’s not too long. I think my baby needs a favorite Uncle Charlie. Especially since I know you are an expert knappy changer and baby burper.”

“I think I’ll be practicing enough with mine and Avie’s little boy.” Laughing, I lean back in my chair.

“You can’t tell anyone, Charlie. But Whizzy’s been practicing for the past three months,” Tonks says conspiratorially as if she is withholding a major secret. “I was in his office and found his cache of baby dolls along with stacks of knappies in the wardrobe. He goes in there and practices an hour a night. I think it’s kind of cute.”

“It looks like you’re domesticating Whizzy,” I comment. “I think having a baby will do the old man some good.”

“As long as he doesn’t get too involved with Cleansweep again,” Tonks says hesitantly. “I know he needs to be there and it’s his family’s company but I worry he will be obsessed with it like before and become too involved with his work.”

“He won’t do that again, Tonks. I think the twins may have changed him and he’s got a baby on the way. I’m sure he’s not practicing knappy changing an hour a night for nothing,” I reply in my most reassuring tone.

“I think you may be right, Charlie. Anyways, I refused when he tried to hire a nanny, so he’s got half of all the baby duty.” Tonks grins. She runs her hand on her stomach again before she ask, “How is Aveline handling motherhood?

“She’s calm as ever but I know she’s a wreck inside. But I think she’ll do fine,” I respond while I watch Tonks stand.

“I’ve really got to go, Charlie,” Tonks says as she smoothes her skirt down.

“Wish you didn’t have to, Tonks,” I confess as I stand next to her and give her a hug.

“I know, this has been fun,” she answers before she begins to leave. When she takes hold of the door handle, she pivots and faces me before she adds, “So what do you think I’m having, Charlie…a boy or girl?”

I let the question play over in my head for a moment before I smile. “I’d say you’re having a girl. You seem to be carrying a bit high and I remember Ginny rode high in Mum’s tummy.”

““Funny but my Mum told me that our family usually carries girls lower.” Tonks replies while tilting her head. I give her a questioning look before she gives me a knowing grin as she leaves my office and continues, “But I guess you never know, Charlie…but we’ll find out soon enough.”

The Balcony [July 15, 2006 @ 7:31pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Aveline’s political ambitions while admirable can often be a pain in the arse since it leads to us attending a number of Ministry functions that I enjoy as much as having a dragon singe my arse hair. But I know they are important to her and I have gone to every event possible to rub elbows with the politically affluent crowd.

Of course, the benefits are that I get to see Aveline at her best, interacting with some of the Ministry’s finest and as I take a sip of water, I notice she looks even more beautiful than usual in her black formal robes which dip low in the back to show off just enough skin to be breathtaking and mold to her body perfectly.

Even with the bump she has acquired during her pregnancy, she is still perfect and as I walk up behind her and place my fingers on shoulders, I know that I’m a lucky wizard. The coifed spill of raven colored hair stands tall on her head and I brush away a stray lock away from the ivory skin of her neck. I reverently brush my lips against the juncture between her shoulder and neck before I murmur, “I think it’s getting to be time to leave this broom closet, Avie.”

“You don’t refer to the Deputy Minister of Finance’s home as a broom closet, love,” Aveline replies but I feel her fingers graze along the back of my hands as she emits a small sigh.

“Maybe we could find a broom closet in the Deputy Minister of Finance’s home,” I whisper in her ear before letting my teeth worry against her lobe.

“Is that all you think about, Charlie? Getting into my knickers,” she responds with a slight bit of huskiness in her voice.

“Would you rather have me think about getting into someone else’s knickers?” I breathe quietly as I lean my head over her shoulder.

“I don’t know why I bring you with me,” Aveline answers while she turns to face me but I can see the wicked glint in her dark eyes.

A hand on my shoulder distracts me from Aveline and I pivot my head to face Dermont Denzel, a longtime friend of the family who works with my father in the Ministry.

Removing my hands reluctantly from Aveline’s body, I smile, “Hello there, Mr. Denzel.

Have you met the mother of my child, Aveline Rousseau?”

Denzel smiles tightly before he bows his head and says, “Umm…no…very good to meet you, Ms. Rousseau.”

Aveline shakes his hand before I ask, “What can I do for you, Mr. Denzel?”

“Charlie, could I speak to you somewhere?” he replies while he looks around nervously, his foxy features on edge.

“I’m about to leave, Mr. Denzel but I could see you Monday. Are you still near my father’s office?” I ask, trying my hardest to just escape this black tie affair and get home.

“No, Charlie, I need to ask you a question and see if you can give me an answer tonight,” Dermont answers and I stare at him curiously. His eyes stop darting around the room and he gazes at me over his sharp nose while he says, “We’ve had a withdrawal in the third district for the local Ombudsman and a few of us thought you’d be a perfect candidate.”

I bark loudly, drawing the stares of several guests before I reply, “Did my father put you up to this? I’ve been out of the country for ten years and I’m not political in any way.”

Denzel opens his mouth to respond but a voice from across the room calls for him and he shrugs his shoulders before he asks, “Will you excuse me? My wife needs me.”

He shakes my hand before he wanders away. When Dermont disappears into the crowd, I turn toward Aveline and say, “Can you believe that, Avie? I mean what a joke.”

I’m surprised to see that Aveline’s features are stormy and her brow furrows while she replies, “You didn’t even confer with me.”

My mouth gapes open while I respond, “You know I never wanted to go into politics.”

“You didn’t even consider it, Charlie. Everything comes so easy for you. Someone out of the blue offers to endorse you for Ombudsman and you just laugh it off. I’ve been waiting for a chance like that for years,” Aveline hisses before she spins around and walks away.

I move to follow as she crosses the ballroom but all I can do is watch her make her way out onto the balcony before Dermont cuts in front of me. He pushes his hands forward before he says, “Charlie, can I explain myself?”

I want to push past him but when I step to the side, he moves with me. Not wanting to cause a scene, I sigh as I comment, “Make it quick, Mr. Denzel. I have someplace I need to be right now.”

“I’ll only be a moment. I just wanted you to reconsider your answer,” he replies. “The position is not a full-time job. You’d basically be a councilman and have to attend a meeting once a month. It’s a good stepping off point to see if you’d like to look into politics.”

I already know the answer, Mr. Dermont. I told you earlier that I wasn’t interested,”

I reply with a small smile.

“If you reconsider, Charlie, I think that you’ve got a lot of potential. You and your older brother are a lot like your father and I’ve been trying to get him to run for some type of political position for years,” Dermont replies.

“Dad would be wonderful,” I answer with a grin. “But I don’t see myself being able to deal with all the nuances of politics.”

I slide past him but he takes hold of my arm and says, “Don’t sell yourself short, Charlie. You’re well-known, respected, and you have a distinguished record in a difficult job. That’s a lot more than others have to offer.”

I nod and shake his hand before I walk off, wondering if Mr. Dermont knows about my past, the drunken years when I was in Romania. I have way too many skeletons in my closet for anyone to take me seriously.

As my conversation with Dermont ends, I feel my anger rise again. Aveline had no right to judge me. She is supposed to support me, not degrade me. Stalking angrily out outside, I see Aveline standing alone in the shadowy corner near a wall, staring out at the darkened landscape. Moving behind her, I ask sternly, “What happened back there, Avie?”

“Nothing, Charlie. I’m just tired of being looked over while others are given opportunities that should be mine when I work so hard for them every day.” Aveline spins and faces me.

“Are you trying to say I have it easy?” I object while she stares daggers at me.

“Let’s see, first you were a Quidditch star at Hogwarts, All-England team and now you get offered a political position.” Aveline ticks off parts of my life on her fingers. She shakes her head while she laughs bitterly. “But do you notice a pattern here, Charlie? It’s all come so easy for you but you end up running away from each opportunity.”

“It’s my life, Avie and I’m happy with what I’m doing,” I answer.

“Do you mean chasing overgrown lizards?” Aveline retorts before she turns away from me.

“No, I mean seducing Whizzy and Thornton,” I snap.

Aveline turns at my words and I can see the fury in her eyes. Her hand snakes out and explodes across my cheek while she hisses, “You fucking bastard. How dare you?”

“How dare I what…degrade you or mock you? “ I reply while I take hold of her shoulders and pull her to me.

“Get the fuck away from me, Charlie” she says threateningly.

I release Aveline and she turns back to face the night. Running my hand through my hair, I say, “I was wrong to say that.”

“I’m sorry too, Charlie. I know you don’t want anything to do with politics but it’s my dream,” Aveline turns and in the faint glow of the moon, I can see the slight bit of hurt in her eyes.

“I know you’re going to get your chance, Aveline and it won’t be some lame part time Ombudsman job.” I smirk before I place my hand on her cheek. I’m rewarded when she does not pull away before I say, “You’ll probably start out as the Minister of Magic, knowing you.”

She smiles wanly back at me and crosses her arms in front of her. Aveline shivers and I place my arms around her before she says, “I don’t think I’d be that lucky. It’s going to be a hard climb when I get the opportunity but I want it so badly.”

“I think you’re going to be wonderful. You’ve got the drive and the energy to do it,” I reply enthusiastically.

“I think you’re just flattering me, Charlie,” Aveline grins. Leaning into me, she whispers, “Please continue…”

“I could flatter you some other way maybe,” I ask innocently as I graze my fingers against the back of her hand.

“There are lots of people around,” Aveline replies hesitantly.

I step forward and Aveline moves backward into the shadowy corner of the balcony. The white of her eyes burn intensely in the darkness and I find myself mesmerized by them before I smirk. “I could take you home, love. If that is what you want…”

My hand plays under her robes and I listen to her sigh before she says, “We can’t, Charlie….not here and I still have a few people I’d like to speak to inside.”

I pull away reluctantly and take her hand before we walk toward the main doors. Jiggling the handle, I find the door locked before I move over to the next door and find that we are effectively stuck out on the balcony.

Turning to Aveline, I shrug, “Sorry love, but I think we’re locked out.”

She peers through the paned glass and sees the abandoned hallway before she replies, “I think we could be out here for awhile.”

Aveline turns toward me and crosses her arms in front of her before she shivers. Curling my arms around her torso, I say, “I have an idea to keep us warm.”

“Is that all you ever think about?” she grins.

Taking her hand, I lead her to our darkened corner and we walk behind several large shrubs in planters. She leans back against the rail behind her and I put my hands on her hips while I reply, “It’s not all I think about but it is a topic of choice in my little mind.”

She puts her hands on my arms before she answers, “I can’t believe you still find me desirable.”

“Of course I do. There’s no one else who captures my fancy now.” I lean forward and ghost my lips against her chin. “It’s been that way for a long time. Remember that little pub? I was crazy for you then too…nothing’s changed.”

“My back has never been right since then.” Aveline wraps her arms around my neck. “But if I remember correctly, I think I was the one who was all over you in that washroom.”

“Of course…because you can’t keep your hands off of me either,” I chuckle before she playfully slaps my chest.

Leaning over, my lips capture hers and I hear her moan quietly as my tongue invades her mouth. She threads her hand through my hair and pulls me closer to her as my hand works feverishly under her robes, running up her thigh until I cup her mound through her knickers.

Her lips leave mine and Aveline trails kisses along my jawline while she murmurs, “You are feeling a bit randy, aren’t you, Charlie?”

“Only with you,” My fingers reach inside her knickers and I’m happy to find that she is quite aroused.

Aveline arches her back when my fingers brush over her clit and she worries her teeth along her bottom lip. The fire in her eyes is different now, full of need, desire and I know that my own orbs reflect the same. Still, there is a last bit of hesitancy on her features and I hear the anxiety in her voice when she says, “I’m still not sure…”

Groaning in frustration, I reach into the pocket of my robes and pull out my wand. Two murmured spells later and a hazy, opaque shield shimmers around us, hiding us from the rest of the balcony. Shoving my wand into my pocket, I grin, “One concealment and one silencing spell made to order.”

“You’re good with those.” Aveline smiles as she stares across the balcony.

“I’ve had a lot of practice,” I reply as I open my robes.

Aveline watches me, her eyes taking in my every movement as I reach for the zip of my trousers before her fingers on my chest stop me. “I want to do this, Charlie.”

Her hands find my zip and she opens it before she pushes them down my hips. She reaches inside my trousers and pulls out my hardening cock as she continues, “It seems you’re quite ready.”

“My turn,” My fingers find the snaps of her robe and I open it before I gaze reverently at her porcelain skin. Her chest heaves with desire as I reach over and graze my thumbs on the undersides of her breasts as her hand falls away from my erection. I watch her mouth part slightly, her tongue licking her lips in anticipation as one of my hands runs over the still taut skin of her belly before I whisper, “You’re a beautiful woman, Avie.”

I turn her around, letting my hands now pull the robe off her shoulders before I bend down and kiss the nape of her neck. She sighs as my hand reaches in front of her and slides into her knickers again. When my fingers find her nub again, she breathes in sharply as I watch her grasp the railing and gasp, “Charlie…”

Her knuckles grow white as she tightens her grip on the wrought iron railing and I bring my other hand down to lift her robes. The cool summer air causes goose bumps on the flesh of her bottom and I caress the bare skin before I ask, “Are you ready, love?”

She nods her head wordlessly as I pull aside her knickers and line my erection up with her opening and begin to push forward. The head of my cock pushes into her and she moans quietly as her inner walls press against me. I pause for a moment, letting the sensation of being within Aveline course through…the warmth, the desire…the sheer pleasure causes my breath to hitch before I drive into her waiting cunt.

“Bloody perfect, love,” I growl before she bows her back into me. My fingers continue to play against her clit and I feel her passion build as we find our rhythm. She shivers as we continue to move, the buildup so familiar as I watch her let go of all her inhibitions and just allow herself to be…to exist in a world free of fault, guilt and decisions which affect not only thousands but those that shape the life of the child within her.

Aveline reaches behind her and I feel her arm curl around the back of my neck as the back and forth motion of our union brings her ever closer to her ecstasy. The disjointed tempo of my erection plunging into her sounding out in the quiet gloom of the night as we move as one.

“So close, Charlie.” Her body falls forward again and she groans loudly as my thumb presses against the tender flesh of her nub. She begins to tremble and thrust into her until she tenses…her body stills and with a trilling cry, she tumbles over the edge. She takes hold of the railing again and bucks her hips against me as she moans, “Charlie, Goddess…”

The quiver of Aveline’s body along with tightening of her muscles around my cock sends me soaring. I drive my length into her repeatedly and with a loud grunt, I bury myself completely before I spill inside her. Removing my hand from her clit, I take hold of her hips before I lift my head to the sky and exclaim, “Avie, you’re fucking amazing…”

My legs shake beneath me as I make a few shallow thrusts into her until my cock softens and I slip out of her body. I spin away from Aveline and fall back against the rail. My breathing is raspy and I lean backward as she presses her body against my side. Her chest heaves against me as she replies, “Thank you, Charlie. I think I have to agree.”

I glance toward the doors and I’m surprised to see a number of people milling around the balcony. Tapping Aveline’s shoulder, I say, “It looks like the party came out to us, love. Maybe we can go inside now. Then I can stand behind the woman who’ll end up as Minister of Magic one day.”

Aveline smiles as she steps away and begins to straighten herself. As she fastens her robes once more, she replies, “Thanks, Charlie…I’d be lucky to have you supporting me.”

“I’m being serious and when you run, I’m going to stand behind you. I’ll do everything I can to make sure you get elected,” I respond while I pull up my trousers and zip them again. “But we should be getting back inside, Madame Minister before everyone leaves.”

Aveline steps toward me again and as I button my robe, she curves her arms around my neck. I stare down at her before she kisses me softly on the lips and murmurs, “I think that I’ve had enough of rubbing elbows tonight, so why don’t you take me home and we can maybe spend a bit more time just enjoying each other.”

Brother Mine [July 14, 2006 @ 7:05pm]
[ mood | worried ]

“Budge over,” I hear the gravelly voice of my brother, Bill through the din of the crowd at Muldoon’s. He asked me to meet him here to talk about a favor he needs although he knows I would do anything for him. The tavern is packed and it’s standing room only although I have found a place to sit in the corner of the bar.

I glance up from my seat as I pull another stool from behind me and place it in front of him while I say, “Good to see you too, big brother.”

He grunts as he sits before he raises his hand and orders a beer. I take a sip of my water as he turns toward me and arches an eyebrow, “I see you’re still on the wagon?”

‘Can’t afford to drink with a baby on the way,” I reply and see Bill wince slightly as I suddenly wish I hadn’t made the comment about having a child. I know it hurts Bill to hear about my impending fatherhood since he and Fleur have been trying so hard to get her pregnant but I can’t take it back now.

“Well, good for you then,” he scowls as his beer arrives. He takes a long drink before he slams his glass on the bar top and continues, “Well, that’s what I came here to talk to you about.”

My interest is piqued as I listen to him but I can’t help but stare at Bill. In a word, he looks like shite. His clothes may be new and I’m sure the dragon hide boots he is sporting cost a pretty Knut but overall, he just looks exhausted. His eyes seem to be sunken into his head and they are missing the familiar glint of mischievousness that is normally present. His clothes seem to hang off of his shoulders and I wonder if it’s possible that my already thin brother has found a way to lose more weight.

I know that he wants to discuss his proposition but this is the first time I have seen him since he told me about his new employment and he looks awful. It just seems that the pressure of his job is wearing on him.

I try to convey my concern as I stare at him. He gazes at me impatiently and opens his mouth to speak before I ask, “How’re you doing, Bill?”

A long pause ensues and I wonder if Bill is deciding to press on with his agenda or answer my question. Finally, he shakes his head and with a disgruntled sigh he answers, “Life’s been going great, Charlie. Just the job is keeping me on my toes although I’m bringing in more in a week than I made in a few months at Gringotts.”

“You look like shite though,” I comment while he orders another beer.

“It’s long hours, brother. I start at the arse crack of dawn and I don’t get home until 9 or 10 most nights,” Bill replies while taking another long pull off his beer. He finally pauses before he adds, “The only downside is that I don’t get to see much of Fleur but I’m making up for it. She can buy anything she wants now.”

“I thought she could already do that with the money she made from modeling for the twins,” I respond as I see Bill grit his teeth.

“Well, I tried to get her to leave that job but she’d have nothing to do with it because of those bastards,” Bill’s eyebrows furrow as he stares angrily at his glass.

“If she loves to model and she still comes home to you every night, why stop her?” Taking another sip of water, I watch Bill grip the handle of his glass tightly.

“How would you feel if Aveline posed in some magazine nearly naked?” Bill snaps.

“Bloody proud and horny as hell,” I smile while pushing my glass across the bar.

“That’s the difference between you and me then because I don’t want my fiancée to whore herself out to every horny male in England,” he retorts. “I make enough money now for her to stop modeling for them.”

I can hear the frustration in his voice but I don’t understand it. While Fleur does appear in several provocative ads for Fred and George, none of them show any type of nudity and to me, seem tastefully done.

I can see the rising anger in my brother but I still persist, “I don’t think it’s the money, Bill. But she sure makes enough of it. You should just let yourself be a kept man.”

“Maybe you can live your life like that with the former Mrs. Worthington but I want to earn my keep and take care of Fleur the way Dad took care of Mum and all of us,” Bill glowers angrily.

“First of all, Avie doesn’t touch whatever money she got from Whizzy and we live off of our salaries. Secondly, Dad did support Mum and us bints but we never lived in grand style. Dad was a Ministry worker and made less than you or me when we were growing up,” I answer sharply.

“Well, you don’t know how Fleur grew up. She is used to a certain lifestyle and one I couldn’t give her on my Gringott’s salary,” he responds confidently, surely thinking his point is proven.

“She lives in that cottage you two bought years ago and she seems perfectly content,” I smile knowingly while the bartender puts another glass of water in front of me. Leaning forward, I continue, “Plus, I am with Aveline who just happened to be raised by Fleur’s mother so I know about their charmed past.”

Bill purses his lips and blows out a stream of air before he orders another beer. He finishes off the dredges of his last one before he says, “I’m giving Fleur the life she deserves and if I have to kill myself to do it, I will make sure she never needs anything.”

Shaking my head, I ask, “Have you asked Fleur what she wants, Bill?”

He opens his mouth to reply but closes it quickly. His third beer arrives and he takes a sip before staring into the amber liquid. I don’t understand what he is not sprawled on the floor yet with his famed lack of tolerance for alcohol but I hold my tongue.

A pregnant pause takes hold and I’m prepared to speak until Bill turns to me and says, “You wouldn’t understand, Charlie. I haven’t done right by her with the divorce and all….and I’ve got a lot of making up to do for all my wrongs. I just want to give her the best.”

His shoulders slump and I want to tell him that killing himself with long hours away from Fleur is probably not what she would consider to be the best. But I hold my thoughts in and wonder what has happened to Bill to make him think that this is the life that Fleur would even consider. I’ve seen the two of them together and I know that Fleur is perfectly content as long as Bill is by her side and that is all she wants out of life.

But I can’t say that. For the first time in my life, I have to guard my thoughts around Bill and the idea that this is what we have become disturbs me. He’s my best mate and I want him to understand that this job is going to ruin him. Still, I hesitate and when I see Bill staring at me, I change the subject when I ask contritely, “You said you had a favor to ask me?”

He stares at me in a bit of astonishment before he nods, understanding that I’m giving him the opening to change topics. The anger and frustration which have been etched on his features seem to disappear as he begins to fidget uncomfortably. Bill reaches over for his beer and gulps nervously before he states, “You know Fleur and I have been trying to have a baby. Well, we’ve been shagging like a pair of Kneazles but nothings happened. So I went to Paddy and he told me that I’m sterile because of this damn curse. It seems that because I’m not fully human and not fully werewolf, I can’t get Fleur pregnant or at least I don’t have much of a chance.”

The frustration returns to his voice by the time he stops speaking and I wait, wondering what he wants from me. He drains his beer and I find I can’t hold my curiosity any longer. Breathing deeply, I calm myself before I ask, “What is it that you want, Bill?”

“An associate of mine knows a way that I could possibly become a full werewolf temporarily and that’ll allow me and Fleur to have a chance--,” he replies quietly and orders yet another ale.

“You mean like Remus? Are you fucking nuts?” I ask, amazed that he’d want to take that chance.

“Yes, like Remus,” Bill snarls. “I’m not like you. I can’t just wipe out my cock, spurt a couple of times and knock up every woman within ten kilometers. I have to take a chance.”

“Why do you need me?” I ask; my tone full of rage.

“Because I have to have someone to channel my anger at when I’m changed and that’s where you come in. I won’t be like Remus. I won’t have his control or the time to learn it. So there’s a spell that’ll let me target someone with my fury,” Bill answers.

“So why me?” I inquire as I suddenly feel the urge to tumble off the wagon and get gloriously drunk.

“You’re the only one I trust, Charlie and I know you can handle it. Besides, it’ll only be for a few months. Then I can quit working so hard and become a proud papa,” he replies quietly, his features becoming curiously calm as he speaks of fatherhood. He brings his eyes to mine after a moment before he says seriously, “But I can’t do it unless I have this spell cast on me. I can’t risk hurting Fleur.”

“But you can hurt me?” I laugh sharply.

“You can avoid me, Charlie but I have to see Fleur. I’ll just need to stay away on the Fulls. I can work that out later,” he answers confidently.

“So you’re not going to tell Fleur?” I inquire, knowing that nothing good can come out of this idea.

“No, she’d never accept this at all. So, I can’t let her know but she’ll be happy because we’ll have ourselves a baby…hopefully two,” Bill grins.

My mind tells me not to do it. Hs desperation is leading him to make a huge mistake but when I see the eager anticipation on his face, I realize I just can’t deny him. After taking a sip of water, I try to keep my features blank but I find myself smirking while I say, “I’ll do it, William. I’ll probably regret it but I can’t deny that ugly mug of yours. If you have a boy, it would be nice to remember the brother who gave you a hand.”

Bill claps me on the shoulder as he smiles, “Thank you, Charlie. But I don’t know if I can promise I’ll name a boy ‘Chucky’. Fleur will have a say in it all.”

“Great, I just hope your child isn’t named Frommage or something,” I scowl before I take another sip of water and Bill puts him arm around me.

He chuckles and once more I see the brother I love so dearly before he replies, “I promise…no child of mine will be named after cheese.”

"Suspicions" [June 29, 2006 @ 5:56pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

“Have you seen, Auror Rousseau?” I ask a nameless Auror who bustles in front of Aveline’s office.

He stops and looks at me, dumbfounded before he announces in a shaky voice, “Yes, I heard she left for a meeting and won’t be returning.”

I scowl at the young man but my frustration is not aimed at him. I’m more pissed at Aveline because we were supposed to go home this evening together and she seems to have disappeared without telling me.

The Auror skirts by me nervously and I turn around, stamping back toward my office when I walk by Moody’s office.

“Weasley, can I see you?” The familiar growl catches my attention and I pivot before entering Moody’s office.

“What do you want, Moody?” I reply sharply.

“It seems like you got your knickers in a bunch, “ Moody answers while he leans back creakily in his chair.

“Nothing Moody, I’m having one of those days,” I respond while trying to keep myself calm.

“Well, I want to talk to you about Rousseau,” he beckons me to come inside and I close the door as I sit down.

“What do you want to know,” I scowl while wondering what he wants to talk about concerning Aveline.

“You know I’ve watched Rousseau since she joined the force. I always thought she was a competent Auror but there was always something I couldn’t figure out about her,” Moody reaches inside his vest and pulls out his ever present flask.

“If you brought me here to berate Aveline, I think I’ll be moving along,” I answer while beginning to stand.

“I’m not saying anything against her, Charlie,” Moody says before he uncorks his flask and takes a swig.

“Well, then why the hell do you need to talk about Aveline, Moody?” I answer.

“Look, I just wanted to tell you a few things about her,” Moody leans forward while wiping his mouth on the back of his hand.

“Make it quick,” I retort.

Moody is about to speak when a knock on the door sounds and I hear Kingsley Shacklebolt’s voice, “Moody, I need to see you now. Oh, hello there, Charlie.”

I turn around and nod my head at the head of the MLES before Moody clomps by me and walks to the door. He begins to speak Kingsley in a low voice and I realize its time for me to leave. But as I stand, a worn brown folder on Moody’s desk captures my eye and I pick it up, scanning the contents.

“Shite,” I mutter before I make the decision to grab the folder and shove it in my pocket. Afterwards, I walk out, knowing that I need to find Aveline right away.

I make my way to the lift quickly while I try to formulate a plan to figure out where the hell Aveline is now.

Once, I am outside the Ministry, I quickly Apparate home, hoping to find Aveline there. But when I arrive outside our house, all I see is darkness without a single candle burning inside.

“Damnit,” I grumble lowly before I kick the ground in frustration. Looking around, I run my hand through me hair when I catch a flicker of movement out of the corner of my eye.

Crouching, I peer into the gloom, waiting to catch a glimpse of our unknown visitor. I watch him emerge from the woods near our home close to my location and see him wander into a shaft of moonlight.

He slouches as he stops, his movements fretful as he pulls out his wand and begins to rub it with one hand. I move closer, making sure to remain out of sight.

When I am a few meters away from him, I stand, ready to take him. But a loud bark from the house alerts my invader and I curse Little Bit for being so alert. The man looks right at me and raises his wand quickly before I hear the word, “Cru---“

But before he can finish the curse, I raise my wand and call out, “Expelliarmus.”

His wand flies out of his hand and I pounce, taking hold of his shoulders and slamming him into the ground. He lands as the air leaves his lungs with a whoosh. He brings his knee up and it strikes my stomach but I bring my hand off his wrist and punch him solidly in the jaw.

He stops struggling after I hit him but he remains alert, his beady eyes darting left and right searching for a way to escape. I raise my hand again and hiss, “Who the fuck are you?”

“None of your bloody business,” he retorts and I can see the fear cross his features.

I lift my knee and smash it into his groin. His eyes go wide as I smile predatorily before I ask again, “Now, let’s try it again. Who the fuck are you?”

“Oather…Oather Summerby,” he groans and I feel him squirm beneath me although I won’t let him up.

“What are you doing here?” I snarl, my hand going to his throat.

“I got lost,” Oather responds through clenched teeth as I allow my fingers to dig into his windpipe.

“Stop lying, Oather or you won’t leave here alive, “ I say quietly, allowing my nails to flay the skin of his throat.

His eyes go wide and his hands reach to try to pry my fingers away from him. He struggles against me until he finally wheezes, “Please, let me go. I’ll tell you everything.”

I unclench my fingers and stand, bringing my wand to bear against Summerby. He tires to rise but I put my foot on his chest and push him back down before I say, “Now, begin with why you’re here.”

“I was hired by your woman, Auror Rousseau to find out some information,” Oather grunts as I ground my heel into his chest. He coughs before I relent somewhat as he continues, “That’s what I do best is get information and that’s why the Auror uses me.”

“What did she use you for this time?” I ask sharply, knowing my time is limited but wishing I had time to learn about Aveline’s relationship with Oather Summerby.

“I was hired to follow Alastor Moody and learn his routine,” Summerby replies with a wry smirk. “It was a simple job and I had her information to her in a few weeks. He’s a predictable old bastard.”

“Did you give her this information?” My mind races, knowing innately why Aveline wants to know about Moody yet not believing that she’d be foolish enough to chance trying to kill him.

“I gave it to her yesterday but she didn’t pay me. That’s why I’m here, I want my money,” Oather complains and I find myself wanting to throttle him because he is so damn repulsive.

“Tell me what you told her,” I yell furiously.

“I can’t do tha-“ Oather screams suddenly as I kick him in the side.

He moans as I lift him up bodily and throw him against a tree while snarling, “I’m not fucking around, Summerby. I want the information now.”

“Moody works until about 6 pm before he head’s over to the ‘Bald Boar’ for a few drinks. That’s where he is now,” Oather sputters and I release him because I suddenly realize where Aveline is right now.

I release Oather as I remember the location of Moody’s tavern. I look over at the oily bastard who Aveline hired and realize that I don’t have the time to deal with him. I weigh my options about what to do with Summerby before I say, “Get the fuck out of here, Oather.”

He stares at me in shock before he begins to move away from me down the path. Before he is out of my line of vision, I try to remember where the ‘Bald Boar’ is located before I begin to concentrate and I Apparate away to try to get to Aveline before she makes a huge mistake.

"Home Cooking" NC-17 for Adult Content [June 23, 2006 @ 8:14pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

“Are you eating healthy foods, Aveline? You look a bit peaked,” Molly comments and I glance over at Aveline, watching her squirm slightly on the sofa under Mum’s latest barrage of questions.

“She’s perfectly fine, Mum. Paddy Meagher says she is doing magnificently,” I reply while taking Aveline’s hand, hopefully reassuring her as I wonder whether accepting Molly’s invitation for dinner was a good idea.

“Well, I have to agree with Charlie, Molly. Aveline looks lovely,” Dad smiles widely at Aveline while he tilts his tea cup toward her.

“I know she’s a lovely girl, Arthur but she ate like a bird at dinner,” Mum’s brow furrows in concern as she shakes her head slightly in dismay.

“Can we stop treating Aveline as if she’s not here, you two,” I interject and Mum and Dad glance over at me in surprise.

“Right, sorry about that, Aveline,” Dad grins again. He places his cup on the coffee table doily before he adds, “So Charlie told me you might be interested in a future in politics.”

“Yes, Mr…I mean Arthur. I’ve always aspired to be Minister of Magic,” Aveline replies, finally getting in a word between Molly and Arthur’s banter.

“Are you sure that wouldn’t be too much with raising a baby?” Mum asks. She leans forward on her chair while she continues, “I think you’re perfectly capable, dear. But the life is hard. That’s why I’ve always told Arthur to be wary about going into politics.”

“But he’s not listening. Is he, Dad?” I smile impishly.

“Your mother and I are still discussing it, Charlie. But a chance at a seat on the Wizengamot is tempting,” Dad replies and I watch Mum scowl.

“You’d finally get the recognition you deserve,” I respond and Dad nods his head sagely.

“Well, we did not invite you and Aveline over for dinner to discuss politics. I want to know more about our grandchild,” Mum interrupts and reaches across the coffee table to pat Aveline’s belly. Molly stares at Aveline in admiration while adding, “You really are quite lovely.”

Aveline smiles in response, her eyes full of surprise before she says, “Thank you, Molly.”

“Are you sure you’re alright, dear?” Mum asks and I cut my eyes toward Aveline and see that she looks a bit pale.

“I’m fine but I may need to go home and lie down,” Aveline answers and I take her hand again.

I begin to stand to gather our things when Mum says, “You can’t leave yet. We haven’t had dessert. Why don’t you just go lie down upstairs in Charlie and Bill’s old room until you feel better.”

I look at Aveline as she smiles wanly at me and nods her head. I immediately take Aveline’s arm and lead her upstairs. She seems to get better with each step as we make our way up the flight of stairs and when we reach the second flight, Aveline leans over and whispers, “I’m sorry, Charlie. I like your parents a lot but they were wearing me out.”

“They can be a bit overwhelming,” I reply quietly as we stop in front of the door on the top floor that leads into my old room. Opening the door, I stare into my old room while I snicker, “Welcome to my past.”

Aveline stares around in wonder at the Quidditch posters with the players flying from one to another and at Bill’s collection of books covering one wall as she walks into the room. She reaches onto a shelf near my bed and takes hold of one of my old Quidditch trophies before she says, “It’s like stepping into your room when you were at Hogwarts.”

“Molly doesn’t believe in changing things much once we move out,” I comment while I close the door behind me, hearing the snick of the lock snapping into place…one of the many modifications Bill and I made to our room.

Aveline sits on the bed, kicking off her shoes before she leans back and grins, “What the girls at Hogwarts wouldn’t have given to be where I am now. Did you ever bring one up here?”

“No, I think Bill did a few times. Tonks and I couldn’t make it past the kitchen table,” Chuckling, I sit on the bed next to her, remembering the one time Tonks and I found ourselves alone at the Burrow.

“The table we ate at today?” Aveline blanches before she smiles.

“Yes, but don’t worry. Mum has probably cleaned it twice a day since then,” I answer while placing my hand on Aveline’s belly. I rub it softly and feel our baby move before I continue, “Maybe we can have a few Quidditch posters in the little one’s room?”

“As long as there are lots of books like on Bill’s side of the room,” Aveline chides.

“That’s a deal then. But now, lie down, I want to show you something,” I grin while nodding my head in response.

I lean back and take my wand out of my robe and extinguish the candles in the room before the ceiling lights up and I see a comet burst across the room and stars begin to burn brightly on the ceiling in the darkness of the room. Aveline gasps before lie next to her and continue, “Bill and I did this one summer. He loves the stars and I love the outdoors. So we cast a few spells, transformed some of Dad’s old Muggle lights and suspended them. It’s always nice to stare up at during the night.”

“It’s beautiful, Charlie,” Aveline’s dark eyes seem to twinkle while reflecting the lighting from the ceiling and turn over, reaching out with my hand to graze across her cheek.t

“So are you, love,” I reply as Aveline glances at me and even in the darkness, I see her eyes smolder before snakes her arm around my neck and brings my mouth to hers. Our lips meet as a soft moan escapes from her before our tongues swirl together. My hand scrapes along her side until I reach the hem of her shirt and I begin to lift the material up her body.

“We can’t, Charlie. Your parents are right downstairs,” Aveline gasps as she breaks our kiss. My lips immediately drop down to the column of her throat and I luxuriate in her taste

“You said it was every girl’s fantasy, love. Besides, the door is locked,” I murmur against her skin.

“Every girl’s fantasy but I’m a big, fat pregnant woman,” Aveline replies but I can tell from the glint in her eyes that she needs to feel desired and the truth be told, I’ve never stopped wanting her.

“You shouldn’t talk about yourself that way,” I say gently as Aveline lifts up and I pull her shirt over her head. My hand runs over her ivory skin, raising goose bumps which seem to shine in the gossamer light of the room while I whisper, “You’re one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, Avie and I mean that.”

She turns toward me and I unhook her bra, watching it drop off her body before my hands come around to cup her breasts. Aveline leans her head against my shoulder and sighs as my thumbs brush against her nipples before she says, “They’re getting too large now.”

“What man is going to complain if your tits are too big?” I tease as I scrape my nails against the underside of her breasts. “Definitely not me or Jacque for that matter.”

“Stop it, Charlie,” she responds breathlessly.

Bringing my head forward, I allow my tongue to trace the shell of her ear while my hands glide down her side until they find the band of her trousers. Aveline unbuttons her trousers and lifts up, allowing me to slide them down her legs. She kicks them off when they reach her knees while I smile, “No knickers, love?”

Aveline grins devilishly, “I told you it was every girl’s fantasy at Hogwarts to be here.”

My hand reaches between her legs, finding her clit before I begin to twirl my fingers over the sensitive flesh. Her head falls back once more as I say amusedly, “You know you’re a wicked girl, Avie.”

She turns toward me as my hand falls away, her lips finding mine while she fumbles with my zip. My cock springs free and I groan quietly when her hand curls eagerly around my erection. Aveline takes hold of my trousers and pulls them down my legs while I take off my shift. She tilts her head forward, her tongue flickering out to taste the skin on my chest before I place my hands on her hips and move her until she is lying on her back.

“Goddess, Charlie,” she moans as I maneuver between her legs and place my cock against her wetness.

Taking her legs, I place them against my chest before I enter her in one fevered thrust. Her back arches as I begin to move inside Aveline, her hands flying behind her to grip the sheets as I growl, “Going to fuck you into the mattress, love.”

My words seem to incite her as I place my hands on her waist and pull her to me. As I watch her writhe on the bed, her body beginning to glisten in the dim light as our passion grows, I wonder why she would ever worry if she is desired. I’ve always wanted her, needed her…first as a friend and now as a lover.

“Already there….oh, Merlin,” She tosses her head back and I’m surprised to feel her walls begin to clench around me, pulling me into her. I renew my assault, driving my cock into her relentlessly while her moans resonate around my room.

My hand drops from her waist until it finds her nub once more and I rasp my thumb against her clit while I admonish, “Don’t hold back on me, Avie. I want you to scream when you come, love.”

Aveline shakes her head so I press my thumb against her clitoris, feeling my nail dig into her gently. Her hand flies to her mouth as she stifles a cry before her body begins to tremble, an agonizing shiver running the length and breadth along her porcelain skin. Her muscles grip my length as her back bows once more and her legs press against my chest, searching for a foothold to ride out her pleasure. Avie moans while biting her lip before I begin to piston my cock into her with a renewed fervor before she finally spirals off the edge. Her cry sings throughout my room as I watch her shudder below me, her hands fisting the sheets, holding her to this earth as she says, “Goddess, Charlie….I love you.”

She continues to thrash on the bed, her impassioned screams a siren call as I feel my own need begin to rise.I take hold of her upper thighs, trying desperately to hold off my release for one more moment. But it is no use and when she tightens around me one last time, I join Aveline in her Nirvana while I hiss, “Merlin, you’re beautiful.”

I bury my cock in Aveline, feeling it beginning to pulse while I sheathe my length completely and spill within her. My vision begins to gray as my body quivers while I hold myself inside her, never wanting to leave her warmth.

But finally I cannot hold myself up any longer and I pull out of Aveline, listening to her sigh at the loss before I collapse bonelessly beside her. All, I can hear is our uneven breathing before Aveline gasps, “Your mother is going to hate me now. I’m sure they heard me.”

“You don’t think Bill and I were smart enough to put silencing charms on the room, Avie?” I smirk while my hand reaches out to take hers.

“I guess so,” she answers. Aveline stretches, her feline grace still in place before she smiles, “Well, that was one fantasy fulfilled.”

Turning onto my side, I prop my head up on my elbow while I grin, “I’m glad I could help. Are you feeling better now?”

“Good enough to go down and have dessert,” she laughs.

My eyes light up at her comment before I kiss her on the cheek and reply, “I thought that’s what we just did.”

"Developments" June 19th [June 19, 2006 @ 2:32pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

“Thank Merlin, I love her because she’s forgetting everything,” I mutter to myself as I walk around Aveline’s office looking for a requisition form I asked her to leave out for me. It’s due in two hours or I could miss out on funding my second batch of ‘Rangers’ and I can’t afford to do that. Well, I guess I can’t blame her with the pregnancy and all that has been going on lately.

It’s not like we’ve been extremely busy but with the Ball and a few other social events, our calendar seems to be a bit full. Not that I’m complaining because Avie does enjoy those types of events and needs them in order to one day meet her goals but there are times, I prefer a tent in the middle of the woods to hob nobbing with the social elite.

Well, along with being more forgetful as her pregnancy advances, Aveline also is one of the most security conscious people I have ever met and has multiple locking charms on every drawer in her office. But fortunately, that is one skill all of us Weasleys seem to possess and that is no locking charm can keep us out or we’d have each gone hungry with all those bloody kids around. So if we are determined to break a lock, we can do it and I need those forms now.

Taking out my wand, I begin to cast spells on the third drawer in her file cabinet, knowing that is where she keeps the forms I need. Once I solve the third locking charm, the file drawer opens and I immediately see the file I am looking for clearly labeled. I knew it would be simple to find. Aveline is so organized that Tonks once told me how easy it was to step into Avie’s old position because of her efficiency.

After taking the file I need, I bring my wand down to tap the drawer shut but I notice an odd colored file sitting in Aveline’s pristine filing system. My curiousity overwhelms me and I pull the file out, examining the heading…’Rousseau, Audric and Mala, 1979’.

I flip the file open, recognizing the names of Aveline’s parents. Although she has been very open about her life since we begun living together, one part that has remained closed off is her parents and the relationship she had with them. The first page of the dossier has a picture of Aveline’s mother and father and I can plainly see why Aveline is so beautiful.

Her mother and father smile slightly in the picture, each of them retaining a certain sense of stateliness in their pose. Aveline had told me once that her father was Veela but her mother was gorgeous also. I begin to leaf through the parchment and find out it contains the details of her parents’ death. I never realized Aveline was so young when her parent’s died and I wonder if she ever was able to find out the details of her parents’death until now.

I continue to skim until I reach the end of the report and I am stunned to find that Allistor Moody was involved somehow in her parents’ death and an official hearing was held concerning their death and that of his partner, Lawrence Topper. I turn the last page over, expecting to find the parchment with the outcome of the hearing and when I don’t find that, I search the drawer again but come up empty.

“What are you doing, Charlie?” Aveline’s voice sounds from the door. The irritation is evident in her tone and I want to hide but there’s no way out of this mess. I am caught.

“Apparently nosing around in your drawers and doing a bloody terrible job since I was caught,” I smile, trying to defuse the situation. When I see that Aveline is still not terribly giving about the situation, I continue, “I needed a requisition form for my monthly allotment of supplies and asked you to leave it on the desk. When I didn’t see it, I opened the drawer to find one and came about this file on your parent’s death.”

“You had no right, Charlie. This is my office and these files are mine,” Aveline storms in and pushes the drawer closed even though I still hold the file.

“Why do you have this file, Avie? Its sealed and classified according to the labels. How did you get hold of it? I didn’t think your clearance was that high,” I ask as I begin to become more curious about why Aveline has this file in the first place.

It doesn’t concern you how or why I have this file. I can’t believe you violated my trust, Charlie,” Aveline answers and I know she’s trying to steer the conversation. She reaches for the file and yanks it out of my hand before holding it tightly to her chest. “But since you are so concerned, I was interested in how my parents’ died. I’ve never seen a report.”

“I think it does concern me. I know you, Avie and you don’t break rules without a reason,” I reply as I see how protective she is of the file in question.

“Back off, Charlie. I love you but I won’t have you controlling my life,” Aveline’s eyes blaze with her fury and I can almost see the wall she throws up around herself again.

“I’m not trying to control you, Avie. I trust you but I don’t want you to do anything you…” I take a step near Aveline and watch her flinch slightly when I put my arms around her. I reach down and touch her stomach and add, “…or our baby may regret.”

“I won’t, Charlie,” Aveline puts her head on my shoulder and tries to assure me.

I’m still worried about her but I can tell that pushing her now won’t resolve anything and will force her away from me. Instead, I swallow my curiousity about her parents’ death and say lightheartedly, “I hope you know that I’ve been involved with dozens of cases of ‘file borrowing’ and I should go straight to Kingsley and turn you in, young lady because I know you didn’t just find that file on the floor.”

“No, I didn’t but don’t change the subject. You were snooping around, Charlie and I guess I expected better from you,” Aveline replies while she pulls out of my arms slightly.

"Getting Together" June 10th [June 10, 2006 @ 9:28pm]
[ mood | curious ]

“Ze correct spelling iz Dicilate, I believe,” Fleur corrects as I walk in the door to the home I share with Aveline. I’m surprised to see her sitting at our kitchen table with parchment scattered all over it and Aveline hunched over a rather large bound leather book.

“Hallo, ladies,” I announce while walking over to the table and giving Aveline a quick kiss.

“Charlie, it iz good to zee you,” Fleur answers and lifts her head up quickly from her parchment to smile at me before she diligently returns to her work.

“I’m happy to see you too, Charlie,” Aveline kisses me again on the cheek as I stare curiously at the odd writing on the book and pieces of parchment that somehow sets off an alarm in my head.

I crane my neck over Fleur’s shoulder and suddenly I recognize the writing from a project I helped Aveline with during our time at Hogwarts together. Furrowing my brow, I ask, “Why are you taking Arithmancy, Fleur?”

Fleur and Aveline begin to laugh loudly while I feel my cheeks turn a bright shade of red. Aveline takes my hand and pats it once before she answers, “It isn’t Arithmancy, Charlie. It’s Fleur’s family history and she asked me to help her copy it down. I wasn’t completely truthful with you back at Hogwarts when you helped me.”

The blush surely burns even more brightly on my cheeks at Aveline’s admission as I now remember sitting in the library for an entire night helping her pen her family history. Still, I try to recover as I put my arms around Aveline and counter, “Well, I was only interested in one thing back then and it wasn’t your family history.”

Kissing her on the cheek, I pull away as Fleur announces, “Well, for our cruelty, I ‘ave made sure Bill will be over zoon wit’ dinner. Zo you two can go play ‘ouse together while we do my Arithmancy ‘omework.”

Aveline chuckles at Fleur’s remark and I know I have somehow taken on the role of the butt of every bloody joke. Scowling, I reply, “You two witches get back to your work now. I’m just going to sit here and pout until my big brother shows up to defend me.”

My remark earns another chorus of giggles and I sit quietly as the two women return to their work. Fortunately, a minute later, there is a loud rap on the kitchen door and when I see the smiling face of my oldest brother, I gesture for him to come in.

“Hello, everyone,” Bill says jauntily before walking over and kissing Fleur resoundingly on the lips. He places the food on the counter and winks at me, “Hope the Arithmancy homework is going well, girls.”

“Let Fleur and I finish this next section and then we’ll eat.” Aveline comments after another round of guffaws at my expense. She looks over at Fleur before she continues, “It shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes.”

“Don’t take too long, I’ve had a busy day at work and I’m starving,” Bill warns with a smile on his face as I stand up and walk to the icebox before pouring us each a glass of water.

Bill looks at me questioningly as I hand him his glass before I say matter-of-factly, “I quit drinking, so having the hard stuff around is a big no-no.”

Bill grins as he teases, “Well, how about a guest who needs a drink to unwind a bit?”

“Well, the cheap bastard should have brought his own,” I snicker while clapping him on the shoulder.

“Charlie, spank ze big, bad wolf for me. ‘e thinks ‘e can ‘ave everything now,” Fleur replies lightly and when I glance at her, I can see her smiling widely.

“I’ll take care of it,” I laugh while Bill and I make our way to the living room.

After we sit, I take a sip of water before I lean back and ask, “So how are things going, William?”

“Things are going quite well. In fact, I would say better than well,” Bill answers with a small grin. He leans forward and motions me to do the same while he whispers, “You can’t tell anyone but I asked Fleur to marry me and she accepted. I have a nice, big engagement ring in mind to give her. I’m not going to give her a cheap, little diamond chip this time around, little brother.”

“Well, why don’t you just tell everyone if you proposed?” I ask softly while shaking his hand.

“The…circumstances weren’t very romantic when she accepted my proposal before so I want to ask her correctly and then tell everyone. I’m going to give her everything she wants and more,” he replies as he picks up his glass of water.

“So you must be doing well in your job,” I say nonchalantly, remembering the Quidditch supplies and flying lessons that Paddy had mentioned Bill bought for Todd, the child from the Werewolf Village that Bill renovated nearly by himself a few months ago.

“I’m doing very well. I just can’t believe that I could be paid so much for such simple work. For once in my life, I can afford anything I want and give Fleur…whatever she desires,” he answers before taking a sip of water.

“What is it you do exactly?” I inquire, my curiosity piqued.

“I break curses on valuable imported artifacts. It’s simple work most of the time although it can get hairy,” Bill responds quietly. He rolls up his sleeve, showing me a particularly nasty cut on his arm as he continues, “But the money is worth the few items I have to open which are dangerous.”

“How much do you make?” My question becomes more pointed as I think how odd it is that Bill would be paid this well for such an easy task.

“I don’t want to tell you, Chuckie. It might make you jealous, but let’s say that Fleur is going to be quitting her little modeling job some time soon. I believe I’ll enjoy informing our idiotic twin brothers about her resigning,” Bill answers smugly.

“Does Fleur know about this yet?” Quirking my eyebrow, I lean forward again, resting my elbows on my knees.

“No, but when she sees the new house I am going to buy her, she’ll know that she can quit showing off her body to the public for money. Besides that’s not a proper job for a mum-to-be,” Bill smiles wryly.

“She’s pregnant?” Astonishment crosses my features as I throw myself against the back of the sofa.

“Not yet but bloody well soon. We do it enough so that we should have a dozen children by now,” Bill’s voice is full of frustration as he answers me. His eyes capture mine as he adds, “How the hell did you do it, Charlie? You never wanted a child in the first place.”

“I think it might have happened up against a wall. It seems we were fond of that position in the early days,” I smirk while trying to break the tension somewhat. But when I see that Bill’s expression is still serious, I continue, “I don’t know how it happened. Maybe it was because we were both full of grief and needed something good to happen. But I can tell you one thing, I’m glad it did occur and I’m sure you will be too when it happens.”

He grows silent for a moment, contemplating my words before he finally groans, “I know I will be, Charlie but I want my happiness now.”

Another pregnant pause ensues until Fleur calls out from the kitchen, “It iz dinner, you two. Zo quit telling lies and come eat.”

I begin to chuckle after I hear Fleur before I turn to Bill and comment, “Gods, how can Fleur be in this country for so long, yet her English seems to be getting worse?”

“She speaks perfectly fine, Charlie,” Bill replies indignantly. We stand and he faces me as he smiles, “In fact, I gave her some wonderful English lessons when we first got together.”

Clapping Bill on the shoulder as we make our way to the kitchen, I grin, “Well, I don’t think you concentrated very hard on teaching her proper English, big brother. You might have been a bit too distracted by all the French kissing.”

"Fun and Forgiveness" NC 17 for sexual content June 5th [June 05, 2006 @ 6:05am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

“Gods, please,” Aveline screams as she rocks against me, my cock slamming into her, showing every bit of my need…want…lust with every thrust. She looks beautiful, as I hold her legs spread wide open, her proper crème colored business skirt gathered around her waist and her matching blouse ripped open, exposing her heaving breasts.

“You can’t rush a good thing, love,” I growl while I buck my hips forward, driving my cock deeper into her. Bracing my leg solidly on the floor, I feel my length drag against the side of her sensible white cotton knickers as I pummel her and I suddenly wish I had taken the time to remove the damnable things.

Propping her leg over the sofa, I bring my hand down swiftly, ripping out the front of her knickers before I take her clit and twist it between my forefinger and thumb. Aveline’s head snaps back against the cushion below her as the first waves of pleasure begin, her hips rising to meet me every time I plunge into her while her hands fly to her breasts as her cunt grips my length, holding me in place.

“Charlie…yes…,” she cries out, her back arching off the sofa as I continue to work my thumb over her nub, watching her ride the crest of her passion. She takes her nipples and twists them ruthlessly, the normally pale pink color turning a blood red under her cruel touch.

The movement of my cock is relentless now and I deliver each thrust with a renewed force as I feel my release become imminent. My thumb still grazes against her clit, wanting her climax to last through my own and I am rewarded when her walls still pulse around me, each clench of her muscles bringing me closer to the edge until with a loud grunt, my cock expands and I spill deep within Aveline. I continue to drive into her, wanting this moment to never end while I grunt, “Fuck, Avie.”

I release her leg when the last of my pleasure finally ebbs from my body and I slowly withdraw my hardness from her.

Sitting back on the sofa, I watch as Aveline scowls at me and picks up the torn piece of material from her knickers while she scolds, “You need to quit this every morning before work, Charlie. People are going to start noticing soon.”

“Well, if you wouldn’t walk around with that satisfied grin, no one would suspect a thing,” I lean down and take hold of my trousers before standing and putting them on. Aveline’s lips purse tightly together as she stands and removes her knickers before I smirk, “You should go without them.”

“I’m meeting with Kingsley. I can’t very well walk in there smelling and looking like I just had sex. You know how tense I get when I meet with him,” Aveline grimaces and throws down her knickers before she strides over to the bedroom.

After a few moments, she reemerges and I find myself staring in amazement at how this woman who just a few moments before was writhing below me in ecstasy was now the perfect picture of a demure, confident business woman.

“You look fine, Aveline, so no harm, no foul,” I comment while I put on my shoes.

“We could’ve been late to work or I might not have been so handy with the repair charms,” she argues while she inspects herself but I can tell from the amused look on her face that I’ve been forgiven.

“But we aren’t and you are…,” I smile. Standing, I walk over and put my arms around her while I add, “Besides you enjoy it just as much as I do, so don’t try to play that I’m taking advantage of the poor innocent damsel. If you didn’t want to shag in the morning, we wouldn’t be doing it, Aveline Rousseau.”

She opens her mouth to answer but instead shakes her head before we break our hug and begin to gather ourselves to go to the Ministry. After saying goodbye to Little Bit, we walk outside and with two distinct pops, we Apparate to the front courtyard of the Ministry of Magic building.

After taking the lift up to the Auror’s floor, I walk Aveline to her office and watch as she begins to gather reports as she says, “I should have been here an hour ago getting ready.”

“Instead, we were arguing about whether you could do it on your back still and I told you we’d find a way. I think I was right,” I grin before I kiss her lightly on the cheek.

Aveline chuckles and whispers in my ear, “Can we get Italian for lunch? I’ve been having a craving.”

“Of course, maybe we’ll take a little extra time for a noon time shag,” I answer with a wink. Leaning over, I brush my lips over hers before I murmur, “Good luck with your meeting.”

“You are really insatiable,” Aveline scowls but my words seem to throw her into a flurry of action and I slip quietly out of her office and make my way down to my broom cupboard. But I love my little space and I would be perfectly happy working there if it let me stay in Great Britain until I retire.

As I find my way behind my desk and begin to file through the bundles of parchment, my mind wanders. I’ve been here for a year already and my thoughts race over everything that’s happened to me. I’ve reacquainted myself with my family, especially Bill, who has once more become my best mate, stopped drinking and all it entailed, and I’m having a child with Avie and then there’s Tonks…

I sit up as I think about my former girlfriend and our last encounter. At times, I can’t believe how we ended our relationship…and everything that’s happened since then. Funny, but I still admire her and care how she does and it’s been difficult to cope with the fact that I was an absolute bastard to her at our breakup and during our fight a few weeks ago. We may not be with one another anymore but that was still no excuse for me to treat her so badly during our last conversation.

She hasn’t been like Whizzy has been to Aveline, cruel and manipulative. Until she stormed into my office and defended Whizzy, she’s been kind and she deserves better than what I said to her.

Gathering my resolve, I make my way over to Tonks’ office. I shouldn’t be this nervous about going to see her. But I still am iffy about the entire break up and how I should be around her. I’ve come to terms with the fact she is with Whizzy…like Avie and I are together, but it’s difficult to figure out if we can be friends or not.

I breathe deeply and knock on the door, waiting for her to answer. After a minute, I still don’t hear her response, so I spin away from her door and straight into Tonks who is lost in whatever she is reading on a parchment. She drops her parchment and I bend over quickly to pick it up. When I stand again, Tonks looks at me in surprise while she exclaims, “Charlie, what are you doing here?”

“I…um…I came to see you,” I reply anxiously.

Fidgeting, I watch Tonks nod at my admission as she leans on the door frame while she replies tersely, “You’ve seen me now. Is there anything else you’d like?”

“Can we go inside?” I ask while I rock back and forth on the balls of my feet.

“After our last talk, it might be best to stay in public,” she answers emphatically and I nod, understanding her hesitation.

“Well, I…um…I came by to apologize about our last conversation. I treated you badly and you didn’t deserve it. In fact, you haven’t deserved a good bit of the way I’ve been around you,” I state while casting my eyes to the floor, the worried school boy feeling returning as I wonder if she’ll accept my apology.

Lifting my eyes, I see Tonks chew her lip reflectively before she says softly, “I’m sorry too, Charlie. I shouldn’t have attacked you like that.”

She grows quiet and I almost feel like leaving right now, but instead I reply, “Thanks, but I deserved it. I was an absolute git.”

Another uncomfortable moment passes and I begin to move away before I hear Tonks clear her throat and say, “Aveline looks great. I just can’t believe she’s gotten even more beautiful”

“She does look terrific and she’s carrying very well,” I respond and reflect on how lovely Aveline looks as she enters the midpoint of her pregnancy. But my mind returns to the present and I stare at Tonks for just a moment before I add, “You look wonderful too, Tonks. I always knew you’d be radiant.”

“Thank you,” she smiles brightly and reaches over to pat my hand. “I’ve been lucky. I haven’t had too many problems, although Whizzy worries every time I have the hiccups.”

Laughing, I find myself relaxing as I reply, “I’m glad he’s been caring for you so well.”

“How’s Aveline’s pregnancy been?” Tonks asks while quirking an eyebrow.

“She’s been good although we had one incident where we had to go to St. Mungo’s. But Paddy said everything was fine and it has been alright since then.” The parchment crinkles in my hand as I think about that day.

“I’m sorry to hear that, Charlie,” Tonks’ features are fraught with concern for a moment. Another moment of silence ensues before she says, “Paddy is our Healer also.”

Slapping my forehead, I laugh, “The poor man having to put up with the two of you and Whizzy. If he hasn’t started drinking heavily yet, he soon will.”

“What about you, Charlie Weasley? You aren’t exactly easy to get along with,” Tonks grins.

“But compared to you lot, I’m calm as a Kneazle with a tummy full of warm milk,” I answer confidently while handing her back the parchment.

“I don’t think so. But I do remember you could be a right bastard,” she replies almost immediately.

“I still can be one but I don’t want to be a bad influence of the youngster,” I retort.

“Between you and your brothers, that little one is going to have too many bad influences to choose from. I don’t envy Aveline,” Tonks giggles and I find that I have no snappy comeback because she is absolutely right….the Weasley boys weren’t exactly angels growing up.

“You’ve got me there, Tonks. I don’t think I’ll even tell the twins when the baby is born.” Grinning, I shake my head. Suddenly, I remember that I need to go up to see Dad and I add, “I need to get going, Tonks. Thanks for accepting my apology and speaking to me.”

“No problem…but I did wonder if I could get Little Bit again,” she responds and I step away from her door.

“Whenever you’d like to see her, just tell me,” I grin while stepping away from her.

“Maybe this weekend then,” Tonks opens her door while I decide to make a stop by Aveline’s before heading to my dad’s office.

Turning around, I wave at Tonks while I say, “Tell Whizzy to make sure to hide his shoes, Tonks. Little Bit has a taste for Italian leather now.”

"Rage and Rememberances" May 24 2001 [May 24, 2006 @ 10:03am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

“Charlie, what the fuck were you thinking?” Tonks yells as she slams the door behind her. The glass in the door’s window pane vibrates and I see that her face is nearly crimson as she stares daggers at me.

“And a good day to you too, Tonks,” I reply while lifting my head from my work. I’m exhausted. Whizzy’s visit last night was ill-timed and I was so furious that I couldn’t fall asleep after the bastard left at all. “What brings you here?”

“You know bloody well why I am here. You had no right to hit Whizzy when he was just trying to get Sally her job back,” she says sharply.

“Get Sally her job?” I scoff while I lean back in my chair, surely the disbelief on my features easy to see by my former girlfriend. “Listen if that’s what you want to believe, then go on ahead.”

“You’re a hell of a lot bigger than him,” Tonks walks over and stands near my desk. Her hands sit on her hips as she continues, “You need to learn how to control yourself. You could have really hurt him.”

“I pulled my punches so I wouldn’t damage the third best smile in Europe as voted by Witch’s Weekly,” I mock while hoisting myself out of the chair and rounding the desk.

The fact that Tonks once more has come to Whizzy’s defense has infuriated me and now I wish I had beat the hell out of the son-of-a-bitch. I don’t think she ever waylaid Whizzy with a tirade like this when he hit me but her relationship with Whizzy has always been like this…she has always protected him.

“Don’t mock me, Charlie Weasley. You’re a right bastard for hitting him,” Tonks retorts before she walks up and thrusts her finger in my face.

“Did he tell you what he did?” I ask through gritted teeth, not wanting to blow up at my one time love of my life.

“He went over to ask about Sally’s job. He had some words with Aveline and then he said some inappropriate things,” Tonks responds, the fiery rage still coursing through her brown eyes. “Whizzy told me he was horrible but that’s still no reason to beat the shite out of him.”

“I didn’t…” I answer but then decide that I’ll never win an argument. She loves Whizzy, much like I love Aveline and she’s got it in her head that even though he was a wanker, I had no right to do what I did to respond to his actions. “Forget it, you’re right. I shouldn’t have touched dear Whizzy. I’m sorry.”

I walk behind my desk again and throw myself into my seat with an exasperated sigh. She watches me in disbelief and I wish she’d leave, putting an end to this sordid tale. But as she gazes at me, I know from experience that we’ve really just begun to fight.
“You patronizing bastard. You know Sally Gardens very well and Aveline took her job. Whizzy had every right to be upset,” Tonks persists and I wish I could somehow go back in time and find myself in that forest with Aveline in Romania again.

“Aveline had no control over Sally getting fired. That was her Uncle Luc who runs day-to-day operations,” I reply while pinching the bridge of my nose between my thumb and index finger as I try to stop the explosion which threatens to occur in my head.

“Why the fuck do you always defend Aveline? The bottom line is that she owns the company and in the end, she is responsible for the firing of Sally Gardens,” she snaps and I suddenly notice she is standing over the top of me, her eyes boring into mine with a renewed vehemence.

“The same reason you defend Whizzy. She’s someone I care about and Avie is carrying my child but I don’t need to look after her. She did nothing wrong,” I answer evenly, trying to retain my composure.

“No, Charlie, you’ve been protecting her since Thornton. You couldn’t get past her after that weekend you two spent together and I paid for it later,” Tonks says bitterly and pivots, walking over to the wall behind her.

I want to laugh at her, to tell her she’s being a fucking idiot but I resist. But I don’t understand how the woman who kissed Whizzy, leading to our breakup could accuse me of cheating.

“I didn’t protect her, Tonks. I made a choice to give her a chance and she’s changed a lot but you don’t want to see that. You just believe him,” I bark, standing and moving toward her, my resolve to try to remain calm now gone.

“You didn’t see her standing over Whizzy. I’ve never seen anyone so cold,” Tonks spins around and faces me, her eyes taking on a far away look as she recalls the day of Aveline and Whizzy’s divorce.

“That’s not her now and you know it,” I reply, recalling that Avie has told me that the two of them have been ‘civil’ during their last few encounters.

“Whether I am getting along with Aveline or not, that isn’t the point of this discussion,” Her eyes flit back and forth over my features. Finally, she bows her head slightly and says, “Aveline is ruining Whizzy’s business. His father passed it to him after he died to take care of and now it’s going to shite under Aveline. Firing Sally just topped everything else off.”

“Avie is going to have Sally rehired,” I comment bluntly, trying to regain my composure.

“She is?” Tonks responds hesitantly.

“Yes…but I think this is about much more than me hitting Whizzy or Aveline firing Sally,” I say quietly while I turn and sit on the edge of my desk.

I watch Tonks’ face screw up in concentration before she asks hesitantly, “Why’d you leave me, Charlie? I mean, I’m happy with Whizzy but I made a mistake and you couldn’t forgive me.”

“I gave you what you wanted. I saw you two together after Aveline divorced Whizzy. You ran to him before the ink was dry on the divorce parchment and it was only a matter of time until this happened,” My knuckles turn white as I take hold of the edge of the desk while I speak.

“How dare you accuse me of wanting Whizzy when I was with you,” Tonks’ reply lingers for a moment as we stare at one another angrily.

“Well, you kissed him, Tonks. What am I supposed to think?” I spit back bitterly, blinking back memories of the night we ended our relationship.

“I kissed him and I told you about it right away but you couldn’t forgive me the way you do Aveline all the time,” Her eyes mist over as her rage and resentment come to the forefront before she sniffles quietly.

My first reaction when I watch her begin to cry is to take her into my arms and tell her it will be alright. After all, we meant a lot to each other at one point in time and old habits do die hard. But I resist the urge and instead answer, “Aveline didn’t break my heart twice.”

“Fuck you, Charlie,” Tonks hisses in frustration before she turns and storms out of my office, slamming the door behind her.

I watch the door rattle for a long moment, wondering if I should chase her…tell Tonks that I’m sorry…tell her that a small part of me will care about her always. But in the end, the door stops shaking and with a sigh, I return to my desk. I pick up an ink bottle and stare at it for a moment before sending it flying into the wall across from me and watching it shatter.

"Questions Answered" NC 17 May 16 [May 16, 2006 @ 9:44pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

I rock into Aveline once more, the ferocious pace of our lovemaking seen in the glimmering sheen of perspiration that has formed on both of us. I notice her eyes reflect the unquenchable need that we each feel now as I watch her thrust back against me, her legs spreading further apart, allowing me to drive into her with unbridled passion.

Fisting the bed sheets, I continue to pummel Aveline with a reckless intensity until a keening moan tears from her throat and her cunt clenches around me, molding perfectly around my cock. Her body shudders violently, her mouth working yet the only sound in our hotel room is the brutal collision of our bodies. She pulls me close, her lips capturing mine in a mind numbing kiss, every gram of lust, love, and desire poured into this singular moment between us.

"Goddess, Charlie, I love you," she screams as she breaks away, the passion of the moment overwhelming her control. Aveline's hands curl around my back, her nails slicing into my skin sending me spiraling over the dizzying edge.

The perfect rhythm of our bodies entwined seconds before disappears into frenzied series of erratic thrusts as my hips jerk spasmodically, heralding my release. I bury myself inside of Aveline, my cock swelling until I explode, a harsh white light blinding me for a moment before I cry out, "Gods. You're fucking perfect, Avie."

I collapse gently to the side of her once my body uncoils from last tremor's death grip upon my body. Aveline flips onto her side quickly once I move away, her lips brushing against mine before she smiles. My fingers thread through hers before she pulls way and murmurs, "Thank you, Mr. Weasley."

Rolling over onto my back, I breathe in deeply, the crisp spring air of the Romanian night filling my lungs. I reflect on our impromptu vacation in Romania and how it seems to have purified our souls somewhat. We've been in Budapest for three days now and I don't think either of us wants to go back to England. It seems we've found our peace here and with it, we've become even closer. We've explored the city in a way I rarely did during my previous stay when most of my time was spent prowling the local drinking establishments for women and alcohol, not necessarily in that order. But being with Aveline has let me see the city through her eyes and no longer do I see the pity and despair which seemed to follow me here. Instead, Budapest has become one of spiraling cathedrals and quaint streets…the old gods whispering tales of the vibrant history of the city on every gust of the wind.

Still, with all the time I have had to look at life and revel in its glory, one nagging thought has bothered me as I find myself replaying our encounter in the hospital when she confessed her past activities to me. Since then, I've kept mum about it all, not wanting to ruin what we have shared since then and I've sworn to Aveline that her confession dies with me. But that brief discussion in the hospital left many questions unanswered for me that I need to know for my own peace of mind.

Aveline snuggles against me and I put my arm around her, my fingers grazing over her side combining with the cool breeze of a Budapest evening to raise chill bumps on her body. I should just stay like this with her and allow the harmony of the night to linger on but I cannot do that. Sighing heavily, I bring Aveline even closer to me before I say quietly, "Avie, I want to ask you some questions about what we discussed in the hospital."

She lifts her head, her brown eyes capturing mine before she smiles wanly, "I was wondering when you'd get around to it, Charlie. I've put a huge burden on you, so you deserve to know."

Her head nestles against my shoulder and for a moment, I wonder if I should lift her eyes to mine to try to discern whether she is being honest but then I realize that despite everything she has said, we have formed a bond of trust that I know she won't break. Her breathing evens as she stares at the far wall before I ask, "I know why you did those things, Aveline but did you ever feel any remorse?"

"I didn't want to participate in the kidnapping but it was important to Babette, so I did what needed to done," Aveline's voice is nearly monotone as she answers while wrapping her arm around my chest. Her tone grows softer as she continues, "I didn't even think of the repercussions. I did like I was told since I was a loyal follower. I never even thought about how it would hurt others."

Sitting up against the headboard, I shiver slightly, not knowing if it's the cold air wisping over me or Aveline's confession causing my current condition. Still, there was much more to discuss, so I steel myself again before I inquire, "But you saw us trying to save Ron and Harry. Why didn't you tell us or give us some hint of what was happening instead of letting us suffer?"

Avie sits up, twisting her body around to face me before she answers bitterly, "You just don't know what it's like to owe someone your life. Babette has a hold on me even now and to disobey her wishes takes all my strength. If it wasn't for you and our baby, I wouldn't even be able to fight her now. Last summer, her control over me was complete. I was powerless to stop her and I did everything I could to help her."

Her hand touches my leg while I try to wrap my mind around this dilemma. I don't understand what she went through or the absolute obedience this strong, vibrant woman gave to Babette Delacour. Her body nudges against me as I put my hand on hers. "So are you saying you're not to blame?"

"No, I take full responsibility for everything I ever did for Babette. I knew it was wrong but I had to complete my mission for her," Aveline responds with a hint of anguish in her eyes. She is quiet for a brief second before she laughs mirthlessly, "Merlin, she ordered me to marry a man and I did it, Charlie. Even though I fell in love with him later, I whored myself out and detested him when we first met."

Her gaze drops to the sheets before I lift her chin and say calmly, "You could turn her in, Avie. You would more than likely be absolved of any wrong doing or given immunity."

Acid drips from her tone as my hand drops to the bed before she replies, "I can't turn in Babette. She's my adopted mother and even if I were to do it, where would I be then? Despite my obvious faults, I love being an Auror and I think I've done a lot of good in the world."

Nodding my head, I respond, "I understand but I just don't see what the hold is she has on you."

"I can't tell you yet, Charlie. I don't even understand it. But I promise I'm working through it all and I'll never hold anything back from you again," Aveline answers hopefully, her eyes brightening somewhat at her words.

"You need to promise me, Aveline that this has stopped. We have a child now together and I don't want to see it harmed or put in danger," I declare in an even voice.

"I promise that I won't allow the baby to come to any harm and I won't let Babette steer me into anything illegal or immoral anymore," Aveline promises while she touches my cheek softly. She leans forward, her eyes questioning me while she asks, "Do you trust me, Charlie?"

Wrapping my arms around her, I pull Aveline closer and smile, "I've never stopped trusting you, Avie. I always have and always will…"

"I'll try not to hurt you, Charlie. I can't say that I'll be perfect but I am going to give it my best effort," Aveline replies, her body molding against mine.

"That's all I can ask," I nod my head, satisfied by her answer before I feel my arousal starting to grow at the close proximity of her body.

My erection doesn't escape Aveline's attention and she reaches behind her to take hold of my length before she smirks, "You can get horny during any type of situation, can't you?"

I kiss her forehead lightly before running my thumb along her jaw line. Her breath hitches at my touch while I chuckle, "Well, there is a stiff breeze blowing through here, Aveline."

"Exchanges" [May 13, 2006 @ 2:26pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

“So you followed my instructions, love?” I grin while I walk in the door and find Aveline sitting on the sofa with her suitcase packed and an expectant look on her face.

“Well, you said we’d be able to get out of here for a while. After what’s happened, I think we both need that,” Aveline replies and I nod, thinking about the scare with our baby last week and her ensuing confessions.

I still have a difficult time believing Aveline could have done all those things but even with the knowledge that she did, I still realize that it still doesn’t change the way I feel about her. I love Avie and I trust her with my life…the past is just that…the past and she’s a different person now.

Of course, if some of the other Weasley’s found out about this, they’d string Aveline up from the highest roof beam, so I’m going to definitely need to keep this information away from the rest of the family, no matter what.

Aveline stands to greet me, her arms curling around my neck while I say, “Don’t you want to know where we are going?”

“I don’t care as long as we’re together and away from here,” Aveline grins and tilts her head before I kiss her deeply.

“Well, it’s not a big deal. I thought we’d go to Budapest for the weekend. I know a wonderful little inn and we’d never have to leave if you catch my drift. But there’s a lot to do there if we decide to head out,” I murmur into the tender skin of her jaw line after we break our kiss.

“Budapest, I’ve never been there, Charlie. I’d love for you to show me around,“ Aveline’s eyes glitter with excitement before Little Bit runs up to us. She stares down in concern at our dog and scratches her behind the ear before she asks, “What are we going to do with the puppy.”

“I’ve already talked to Tonks and she has no problem taking Bit for as long as we need,” I reply and Aveline nods, a mischievous glint in her eyes. Quirking my head, I watch Avie step away from me while I add, “What’s that look toward?”

“Nothing, Charlie, I’m just wondering if Whizzy’s replaced his cherished shoe collection,” Aveline grins wickedly.

“I can ask Tonks for you,” I smile quizzically and call Bit over to me. Leaning over, I kiss Avie on the cheek before I put Bit’s leash on her while I say, “Well, I need to meet Tonks in fifteen minutes and I’ll come back and get ready after that.”

“I’ll pack your bag for you. I think I might have a few ‘extras’ I want to take now that I know where we are going,” Aveline says excitedly as I walk out the door with a wave.

After Apparating, I arrive at Riverside Park with Little Bit in tow, remembering the first time that the pup traveled that way and how she pissed all over me. Thankfully she takes this mode of travel in stride now and after we both adjust to the slight bit of nausea, I’m surprised to see Tonks on time and I walk over to her.

“Thanks for taking her on such short notice, Tonks.” Grinning I hand over the leash of Little Bit, the now monstrous Mastiff she gave me last Christmas.

another time, another place…

“It’s not a problem, Charlie. You know I’d keep her if I could all the time although Whizzy might have something to say about that,” Tonks’ smile is radiant as she reaches for the leash.

My hand brushes against hers and I pull away quickly, not wanting to risk feeling the familiar closeness we have always shared.

fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice…

She’s already broken my heart twice but unlike the first time, I didn’t allow myself to slip into that morose swamp of alcoholism and women that I did the first time and that’s been a blessing brought on by Aveline’s determination to make sure I didn’t follow that path.

Tonks pulls her hand away also as if scalded and I wonder if she felt the same jolt I tried to avoid or if she truly can’t abide my touch. Still, I force the thought from my mind as I watch Bit nudge Tonks with her nose, as if instinctively wanting to be careful with her baby. Bringing my eyes up to hers, I say, “I heard about the shoe incident. I’ll let you in on a secret, I believe there were a few of Whizzy’s shoes left around the penthouse and Aveline might have used them to take out some of her frustrations when Bit and I first moved in.”

“What does that have to do with…oh…I understand,” Tonks smirks knowingly and bends over to run her hands through Bit’s scruff. She gazes up at me and gives me the lopsided smile I loved so much when we were together as she says, “Don’t worry, the secret is safe with me. You know that Whizzy needs his comeuppance every so often to at least maintain the appearance of being humble.”

“I’m sure that he already has replaced every shoe he lost and has bought duplicate pairs in case of emergency,” Chuckling, I scratch the back of my head as I think about Whizzy frantically Owling every shoe store in Western Europe to recover his lost ‘treasures’.

“He did buy duplicate pairs but they are kept in airtight bags in the attic. No chance of Bit getting up there,” Tonks guffaws a bit too loudly and I remember how much I enjoyed making her laugh just to hear that melodic sound.

She stands and stumbles a bit. I reach out and steady her, my hands lingering a bit too long on her back as I mutter in embarrassment, “I’m so sorry about that, Tonks.”

“What…for saving me from ending up on my arse?” Tonks replies and I see the flush of embarrassment on her features as I let her go.

Crossing my hands, I grin, “Right, well I guess I miss your smile I should be going now.”

“Yes, Whizzy will be home soon and I want to get Bit into the house before he locks up both out,” she responds and for a moment, I don’t know how I should respond.

The man you chose over me when you betrayed me a second time…

Tonks and I stare at each other as an uncomfortable silence ensues before I say, “Aveline’s waiting for me too. I should get home. Budapest awaits us.”

I smile wanly before I turn abruptly and make my way to the Apparation point. I can seemingly feel Tonks’ eyes upon me but when I pivot my head to look back, she and Bit are already gone…

"Countdown" NC 17 for Smut [April 25, 2006 @ 6:37am]
“Weasley, you bastard, how’re doing?” I find myself grinning after I step out of the Main Complex at the Highlands Preserve when I hear the voice of Christian Roberts, Dragon Hunter and from the last I heard, the person who had taken over my team when I was ignominiously reassigned to Great Britain last May.

“Fine, Christian, I’m doing great. I heard you have my team now,” I reply while I take his hand and shake it vigorously. I’ve come to Highlands to meet with Senior Commander Thornton about some training ideas for the Dragon Force I’ve been establishing over for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He seemed to be in good spirits and approved all my ideas although I did fail to mention that I’m now seeing his former tormentor, Aveline Rousseau.

“Not anymore, Charlie. Those bloody sots of yours have been handed to your ex-roommate, Puhaj Maharaj. I’ve been assigned to Highlands as an instructor. I’m supposed to train a unit here. It seems that Thornton finally got Commander Thompson’s attention,” Roberts grins while I release his hand. He looks me over once before he adds, “I’d heard you were working at the Ministry now. Rumor has it that it’s some cushy position with Law Enforcement that requires little brains and someone who enjoys napping.”

“I think the job description said lazy arse too, so that made me the perfect bloke for the job,” I grin while I clap him on the back.

“Well, it looks like the lazy arse got a promotion. Commander Weasley, should I bow or kiss some sort of ring?” Roberts teases and I have him my best ‘go to hell’ look.

“No, I believe kissing my lazy arse would work just fine,” I say haughtily. Smoothing my hand over my uniform, I add, “So how long have you been here, Chris?”

“I’ve been here a month already and I just got a team formed. I hear you’re doing a fine job over at the Ministry, so I’d like to come over and look at your techniques one day,” Roberts answers and we begin to walk toward the compound’s front gates. Suddenly, he turns to me and smiles, “Hey, I’m just about to head over to the ‘Brimstone and Fire’ for a few ales. Would you like to join me?”

I hadn’t even considered a drink since my thoughts were focused on getting home to Aveline. But the possibilities play in my mind. I’m out of my meeting three hours early. I could easily Apparate home and fix Avie dinner just to surprise her after a hard day. But the temptation is too much and I find myself nodding somewhat eagerly at Roberts before I chuckle, “Just a drink or two, Christian. Then I need to get home.”

“I’ve never known you to be able to have just a drink or two, Charlie,” Roberts quirks his eyebrow at my reply before we walk into town.

Soon, I see the swinging oblong sign with the faded green dragon and the broad script ‘B and F’ which tells me that we’ve arrived at the ‘Brimstone and Fire’. We walk into the dingy pub. As I stare at the tattered posters, the notches in the hard wood floor, and the chips on the mahogany bar that have been covered by multiple layers of lacquer, I’m amazed by how much it looks like every other pub I’ve been in around the world.

Taking a deep breath, I find myself somewhat nauseated by the combination of stale beer and assorted bodily odors wafting throughout the tavern. Despite my disgust, I march to the bar and sit while Roberts orders us two ales.

After an overly buxumous bar maid brings us our ales, Roberts picks his up and takes a healthy swallow before he smacks his lips, “That’s damn good, Charlie. So tell me what you’ve been doing with yourself. Did you ever hook up with that bird you were always pining over?”

I wince at his question about Tonks. It seems like so long ago when I would cry into my ale about Tonks when I was with Roberts before trying to pick up some nameless woman to make me forget her. Staring at my drink, I reply, “Yes, Tonks and I were a couple for a while when I got back but we broke up a few months ago.”

“Does that means back to drinking and whoring, Weasley? You have to admit that we had some amazing times,” Christian nudges my side while he finishes up his beer.

“No, a drink now and then but nothing like the old days. Besides, I’ve met someone else,” I admit while I finish my ale and order another.

“Do say? Is this a serious affair or one of the famous Weasley passing the time relationships that you were so notorious for back in the day?” Roberts asks while he orders himself two more.

“No, it’s serious. We live together and we’re having a baby,” I reply calmly, waiting for Robert’s reaction.

“A baby! By the Gods, Weasley, you know every contraception charm ever made. What the hell happened?” he sputters into his ale before he wipes his mouth and slams his beer on the counter.

Grinning, I turn toward Chris and reply, “Well, it was just a stroke of luck. But let’s just say I’m happy with the idea of being a father now.”

“Look, you’re sounding way too serious for me, Charlie. A lovely and very stacked young lady named Elizabeth is meeting me here in a few minutes. I’m sure she could find you a date and it would be just like the old times. I think I need to save you, mate, before it’s too late,” Roberts leans toward me and whispers loudly while he works on his fourth beer. “Your bird doesn’t even need to know.”

Draining my second beer, I suddenly realize that this is not where I want to be and I definitely don’t want to meet Elizabeth and her friend. It just seems that no matter what temptation I face, the lure of being home with Avie is too much and there’s no place I’d rather be than there with her. Reaching my hand out, I smirk, “My bird’s name is Aveline and I need to get going so I can fix her dinner. I’m sure she’s had a rough day.”

“Bloody Hell, Weasley, you’re acting like you’re in love,” Christian exclaims while he orders himself two more ales.

“You just might be right,” I shake Roberts’ hand before I make my way out of the pub and walk to the Apparation Point while wondering if it is that obvious about Avie. .

I smile as I prepare to Disapparate while the thoughts of being with Avie play in my head. It’s just comforting to be home but still I continue to fight my growing feelings for Avie. We can’t…I mean I can’t…she can’t...love is just out of the question. We both just came out of intense relationships and suffered through the heartbreak together. How could we fall in love knowing what just happened to both of us?

“Tis why you drink, boyo,” I mutter as I continue to ponder that question while I enter the house. Shrugging out of my uniform, I throw on an old sweatshirt and a pair of shorts before I make my way to the kitchen. Soon pots and pans are flying around the kitchen as I prepare Mum’s old classic recipe, bangers and mash. Watching carefully as the diced potatoes drop into the boiling water, I wonder if there could be something more with Avie...something beyond what we share now.

I smirk after I perform the charm to get the bangers to flop themselves over in the pan while I think that this relationship can’t be right. I was supposed to be with Tonks and she was with Whizzy. This is how the year began. How can things change so soon?

After reflecting for several moments more about life, the universe and Aveline, I finish cooking and charm everything onto plates which I promptly put under warming charms. Then I cast cleaning spells, disinfectant charms, and a quick cleansing charm on myself before I look at the clock and see that Avie will be home in a few minutes.

“Bloody Hell, the bread,” I shake my head and quickly cast several spells to prepare the dough, form it into biscuits, and quickly levitate them onto a baking sheet and then into the stove. Lifting my wand, I cast a charm on the timer, setting it for twenty minutes and grin at my accomplishment.

When I am done, I sit on the sofa until I hear the crack of Apparation and soon, Aveline opens the door, looking at me, her eyes opened wide in surprise, “Charlie, I thought you were coming home late?”

“Change of plans, love. My meeting let out early, so I fixed you dinner,” I reply while Avie meanders into the kitchen and gazes at the meal I prepared. I find myself staring at her beauty and I snicker, wondering if I’ve ever seen anyone else who could make a simple while business suit and skirt look so damn sexy.

“Bangers and Mash, I’m starving, Charlie,” Avie exclaims while she shrugs off her coat before she comes over to me and kisses me on the forehead.

“That’s not enough, love,” I whisper before pulling her across my lap. I bend down and my lips cover hers before my tongue curls into her mouth. I’m more than pleased when Avie sighs contentedly.

Avie gasps before she settles in my lap, facing me. Her eyes glitter with excitement while she protests weakly, “Charlie, I’m tired and the food will get cold.” .

My fingertips lightly caress her jawline before passing over her lips, now flush with excitement. Her tongue flickers out, the tip skimming against the pad my finger and I watch her brown eyes begin to smolder with desire. Humming softly, I drop my free hand and run it along her inner thigh while I answer, “I just put the biscuits in and we’ve got twenty minutes until they’re ready. Do you have any ideas?”

Finish LineCollapse )

Aveline slumps against me and I curl my arms around her, kissing her shoulder softly while she sighs, “But if we do that, you’re going to ruin all my bras and knickers.”

“Sorry but if you’d quit wearing them, we wouldn’t have these issues,” I reply while trying to regulate my breathing.

Avie shakes her head softly as I run my thumb against her cheek while she says, “I’m starving now.”

The buzzer sounds announcing the biscuits are done as Avie completes her sentence. We laugh as she lifts her body off mine and I reply, “Well, I think you’re in luck, it’s time for dinner, love.”

"Beautiful" NC 17 for Sexual Content [April 11, 2006 @ 6:36am]

Don’t do this, you git. You’re a father now, act like one.
We need to talk.


The letter sits like a lead weight in my pocket, where it has been since this morning. I didn’t think much of it, the hasty scrawl almost making me laugh at first. But then I thought, if Bill knows, how long will it be until Avie figures out what a fraud and a coward I actually am.

Still, I control my urge to tip the bottle for that shot of Firewhiskey, resisting the need for just one more drink that will help me to soothe my soul. The fiery liquid coursing down my throat stymieing my confusion over Aveline, the woman I hide from even now. I know that the descent could be easy as I feel my walls crumble. I guess my problem is the guilt over the fact that I’ve been steadfast…I’ve been faithful for over a decade to Tonks…my love unswerving but as I leave the ‘Pig’s Eye’, I realize that I look forward to spending the evening with Aveline…my thoughts always turn to her and that’s what stopped me tonight…that’s what stops me every night from succumbing to the beast.

My happiest times are with Avie now, sitting quietly in our home but I know it can’t last, it can’t be true…I can’t fall in love with her. Then why is it I want nothing more than to leave whatever dive I’m in to go home? Why am I forgetting Tonks? It can’t be this easy…it can’t be like this, the grief I’m supposed to feel, the answers I spent ten years searching for vainly can’t be found so easily in Aveline but to be honest…I don’t know what the truth is now.

These thoughts prey on my mind as I Apparate away from the pub. When I arrive home, I walk up the rock pathway to our house, feeling the burden of my guilt lift from me as I look forward to locking myself away with Aveline for the night and losing myself in her again. Maybe that’s what scares me, the sense of giving away my control but I trust her implicitly and I know she would never hurt me.

A smile crosses my features while I make my way up the front steps. This home is my gift to Aveline and she shares it willingly with me. It’s where we’ll raise our child and as I glance to the right, I see the verdant young leaves of the trees in the surrounding forest beginning to peek through the death hold of winter and I realize that spring has arrived…and I am another season closer to becoming a father.

Breathing deeply, I allow the evening air to enter my lungs and steady me once more. I didn’t expect to be a father but I know that I need to be here for Avie and that is yet another reason I have stave off my thirst.

Opening the door, I remove my shoes in the small mud room before I grin as I walk inside. But I immediately hear soft sobs from upstairs, signaling that Avie needs me. I take the stairs two at a time and find myself at our bedroom door. Pushing it open, I’m alarmed to see a very naked and lovely Aveline sitting on the bed, her head in her hands as she keens quietly and I wonder what has brought on her distress.

But still, I don’t move, finding myself rooted to the spot as I stare at her. Avie’s always been a beautiful woman, one who has always captivated me and even now, while she cries quietly, I can’t help but drink in her beauty, the raven colored hair falling loosely past her shoulders; the brown eyes, the color of melted chocolate, so full of emotion; her full lips, always ripe to be kissed; and her lithe body, perfect in every way...she is everything a man could ever want.

Finally, I move until I kneel in front of Avie, tilting her chin up to me. My presence seems to surprise her but she gives me the tiniest of smiles as I ask, “What’s wrong, love?”

“It’s stupid, Charlie. Everything that I get upset over now is stupid,” she replies with a bitter chuckle as I kiss her softly on the cheek.

“Nothing you ever say is stupid to me, Avie. You know that,” Running my thumb over her jaw line, I remove a tear while I feel her lean into my hand.

“I just feel like I can’t stop crying, Charlie. Like tonight, I found this,” she answers and points down to her stomach. I don’t notice anything amiss while she blurts out, “You don’t see it, Charlie? I’ve got a pooch.”

Staring in astonishment, I stifle a laugh as I see nothing but the same taut abdomen I’ve seen since I've known her. I know she’ll eventually become a bit more round but I honestly just don’t see it now. Still, when I look into her eyes, I notice her frustration beginning to well, so I take her hand and pat it while I reassure her, “Avie, I don’t see anything but a beautiful woman and I definitely don’t see a pooch of any kind.”

She stands quickly and turns to stomp off but I grab her hand, stopping her while she yells, “You’re an insensitive arse, Charlie Weasley.”

Pulling her back in front of me, I drop to my knees and push her back onto the bed until she sits again. She struggles but I tighten my grip slightly while I force her legs apart and nuzzle between them. Looking into Avie’s eyes, I chuckle, “I’m telling the truth, you’re gorgeous, Avie and I hope our baby looks just like you.”

My words seem to calm her and after I release her hand, I lean forward and kiss her belly. Avie runs her hand through my hair and asks, “Do you still think I’m beautiful, Charlie?”

Pushing away gently, I stand and hear Avie gasp as she notices the bulge in my trousers. Grinning wickedly, I reply, “What do you think, Avie?”

“That proves nothing. You get a hard on when a stiff wind blows near you,” Avie smirks as she stares at me, a hint of mischievousness crossing her features.

Telling TalesCollapse )

I find myself melting, the emotions shared between us almost too much when I come down from my nirvana and stare into her eyes. The lust there previously replaced by something new and I can’t help it when I shiver as she touches my forehead, pushing a stray lock of hair out of the way. Avie smiles and I’m surprised to see her body still shuddering as her climax leaves her. I grin in return as I respond, “Why are you thanking me, love?”

I roll off of her and she’s quiet for a moment while she nestles her body into mine. I crook my neck to look down at Aveline and her eyes tell me so much more when she finally replies, “Just for making me feel beautiful, Mr. Weasley.”

"Drinking Games" [April 01, 2006 @ 6:29am]
Taking a deep breath, I feel Aveline’s hand thread through mine as we stand in front of Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes. We’ve come here to wish Fred and George a happy birthday, the first contact I have had with them since my breakup with Tonks. I know that it was wrong of me to stay away for so long but I needed time to sort things out and I didn’t want anyone to influence my decisions.

Glancing over at Aveline, I watch her smile in reassurance at me. She has become someone I trust and value in the past two months and now, we have come to share both a home and each other. I wonder what my true feelings are for her and no matter how much I fight it, I think Orion was right and I’ve been falling for her slowly but surely. But how I’ve handled things has been an utter mistake since in my confusion over my relationship with her and the fact I am having a child among other things, has led me to start drinking again.

I feel I’ve been able to control my urges for the most part, hiding them from Aveline but in a way, violating the trust she has in me. Yet, I’ve been there every night, never letting myself drink to the point of Obliviation. There in is another part of my perplexity. I want to be with her, I look forward to spending the evening together. It’s not like before when I avoided returning to my bed in fear of thinking about Tonks. I’m home by six every night and for the past week, we’ve been packing and throwing things away to prepare to move to our new home, so I think I’ve been good about it all. In a way, I wish I could just stop…I wish I could let myself fall in love or accept the fact that I’m having a child or fight the fact that my own mother worries about my ability as a father or whatever else is happening to me. I just don’t understand what is happening…what to do…and that has led me to slip back into the bottle.

But when I’m with Avie and I’m not thinking about us or our baby or Tonks, I’m happy. Especially during times like today when she is with me. I feel her lips brush against my cheek, bringing me back to the present before she whispers, “It’s time to face your demons, Charlie Weasley.”

“I know, love,” I grin at her but she’s right in more ways than one but at least this will be one less obstacle I will face when I stare into that glass, wondering if that somewhere within the gentle ripple of the alcohol swirling in said glass, all my life issues will be resolved.

Taking Avie’s hand, I push the door open, finding a few of George’s employees milling about the store and one of them looks at me before recognition crosses his features and he points up to the flat. Avie and I head up the stairs and without hesitation, I push open the door to George’s flat while yelling, “Happy Birthday, you gits…”

“Well, look at what the Kneazle dragged in,” George announces as he crosses the room and I’m surprised to find that both Fred and Gabrielle along with Bill and Fleur are also at the flat.

“Yes, and he brings us the lovely Aveline Rousseau, who mother told all of us weeks ago was carrying a bean that she made with Charlie,” Fred smiles as he takes a few strides over to us before hugging Avie while George shakes my hand enthusiastically..

“It’s not a bean, Fred. In fact, it’s larger than a bean already,” Avie replies while Fred breaks their hug.

“I want to call the baby Snitch now but Avie doesn’t agree with that either,” I say wistfully while I watch Fleur, Gabrielle, and Cho cross the room to speak with Avie, pulling her away from me.

The ladies move Avie toward the sofa, each speaking animatedly and taking turns touching her stomach. I understand the interaction between the sisters and Avie but I find the fact that Cho is so readily included. I lean over the kitchen counter but just as I’m ready to ask the inevitable question, George gazes at me and says, “Cho’s a Ravenclaw. Their sisterhood is deep, even if they don’t know each other well or quite get along. Cho’s told me that it’s always been that way among them.”

Nodding my understanding, I shake Bill’s hand before I reach into my robe pocket and pull out two small bottles. I take my wand out and mutter a charm to return them to normal size. After the spell is complete, I hand one bottle to each of the twins while I say, “Happy Birthday, you bloody buggers.”

Bill whistles his approval before he declares, “I don’t know who you had to sleep with to get those, Charlie…‘Ogden Special Reserve, Blue Label Firewhiskey’. Those are over seventy five years old each and supposedly remarkably smooth. So what have you been doing, Charlie?”

His look of curiosity tells me he knows exactly what I’ve been doing since it would take someone who actually owned a tavern to buy one of bottles. Still, I play off his question as I say, “I stole them from Whizzy’s private stock. You think I’d spend money on these two wankers?”

Bill laughs at my well-delivered lie before he responds, “Well, Charles, I’ve never known you to be a thief but you’ve always been cheap, so it makes sense.”

Fred takes his bottle and breaks it open before he Accios four shot glasses over to him and says, “Since I’m trying to cut back, let’s have a nip or two here, so I’m not taking this home.”

Gabrielle and Cho wander over and Gabrielle gives Fred and discerning look before she smirks, “I would have thought you’d have learned your lesson but since you’re with family and I’m here, I think it’s safe.”

Fred grins and hugs her while I look over at Avie who nods her approval. I feel odd for even asking to take a drink and stranger still for feeling this uncomfortable about the situation. I watch Cho reach into the ice box and pull out a bottle of pumpkin juice as Gabrielle finds four glasses before they move back to Avie. I want to say ‘no’ but a glass is thrust into my hand while George says, “Pay attention, Charlie old boy. I know you’re out of practice but no reason to be daydreaming now.”

I stare at the glass in my hand while Bill gives a birthday toast to the boys. I lift my shot and finish it in one gulp. The familiar burn of the liquid coursing down my throat immediately begins to dull any doubt I had about sharing a drink with my brothers and when I see all four glasses on the table again, I say cheerily, “One more round, boys. It’s a celebration after all.”

Bill is still choking on his first round when I pour a second shot for each of us. This time, I find myself saluting the twins and George laughs raucously at my words before I take the bottle again. Soon each of us is consuming a third round and I see Bill begin to swoon slightly as George says, “Come on, Billy boy, no putting on the skirt now. We have at least one more round to go.”

Fred reaches below the counter and pulls out a box of cigars while he laughs, “Whizzy brought these over with Tonks this morning. He says he can’t have them anymore, so he gave us each a box. You would have thought he was going to die when he handed them to us but a quick look from Tonks ended that internal struggle. I was thinking we could head outside and have a birthday cigar, mates.”

“I can’t do that, Fred. The smoke will stay on my clothes and that’s bad for the baby. But I wouldn’t mind another drink,” I reply with a certainty but still looking at the box of fine Arturo Fuente Opus X cigars that I know cost a mint and probably taste like melted chocolate. The news that Tonks and Whizzy visited here before me doesn’t help my mood but I’d heard that Whizzy is working with the twins to expand their business and I can’t fault them. With Whizzy’s tutelage, they’ll be millionaires sooner than later.

“One more round it is, boys, but I’m done after this. A night out with the fiancée is in the works and I have to make sure I still have the proper motivation for later,” George picks up the bottle and grins at each of us.

Fred waves his hand and covers his glass, “I think I’ve had it, blokes. I’ve got a big night planned of getting reacquainted with Gabrielle.”

“I’m done too. That last shot did me in and Fleur will kill me if I start spewing all over the bathroom,” Bill shakes his head and stumbles backwards, the effects of the alcohol hitting him already.

“Come on now, you wimps. One more shot won’t kill us. What’s happened to the Weasley spirit?” I spit out, finding myself angered at the fact that I’ve lost two drinking partners so quickly. Looking over at George, I say hopefully, “Well, you’re with me then, my new favorite brother.”

“I think I’m with the others on this one, Charlie. I was lost in the moment but I don’t need anymore, boyo,” George claps me on the shoulder as he stands up and walks toward Cho while I stare in disbelief at the bottle of Firewhiskey which is still more than half full.

When I look up, I see that Fred and Bill have also wandered off toward the women. Cursing silently, I spin the cap off the bottle with one finger and go to pour myself another shot but I stop when I feel a familiar hand on my shoulder as Avie whispers, “We have a big day of moving tomorrow, Charlie and I was hoping we could enjoy our last farewells to our time in penthouse tonight.”

Anger wells inside of me for a moment as the dim fog has just begun to settle over me, the intoxicatingly inviting feel of the hammer blow dulling the edges of the disquiet I experience in my life. Turning, I find myself staring at Aveline and just as suddenly as it appeared, my rage melts away. She’s right and I can’t let myself lose control…not here, not with her. Smiling, I shake my head as I reply, “I’m sorry, love. I was just going for a topper. Old habits die hard.”

Avie grins as she pushes the bottle away from me. She kisses me on the cheek while she chuckles, “I’m glad that’s one habit that died off, especially tonight since I want to make sure you’re in fine shape. This pregnancy is making me feel frisky.”

“Then I definitely don’t need any more,” I sigh as I wrap my arms around Avie and stand. She takes my hand in hers and leads me back to the sofa as I add, “Thanks for the save, Avie and I’ll definitely find a way to put you on your back…I mean pay you back tonight.”

"Baby Gift..." [March 27, 2006 @ 6:26am]
Living ten years of your life in the shadowy undergrounds of whatever city you happened to be in leads to meeting some interesting people. Not the type who are fine, upstanding citizens but those who make the world go around by performing acts which could be considered illegal but are not normally prosecuted. Today, I find myself waiting at the ‘Hog’s Jowl’ Pub for one of those men in particular.

Taking a sip of my ale, I think about everything that has happened since Aveline lost her home to that self-righteous prick, Whizzy. She’s been upset and I can see it in her eyes how disheartened she has been but overall, she is holding up surprisingly well. But she should have what she wants and in losing her home, Avie has been degraded a bit more by her ex-husband and that can’t happen anymore. Even yesterday when we visited her Uncle Luc and Aunt Volette, I could see the way they treated her and I wanted to say something but Aveline stopped me. It’s a small wonder she is as strong as she is although I wonder how much she has left at times.

My eyes find a rough spot in the lacquer on the bar and I run my hand over it. I would do anything for Avie, not because I love her but I respect and care for her…it would be the same way if we weren’t lovers because she is a friend and that is what is most important in our relationship. She deserves happiness, if nothing else but for way she has transformed herself from the queen bitch to someone who I find I trust and care about how they do in their life.

But I can’t fault Whizzy for wanting that home. He was doing what is best for Tonks and his child. It was just a matter of fate that Aveline and Whizzy wanted the same house and one thing I have always known about Whizzy is that he does not lose and will do what is best for Tonks and his child.

I still can’t believe Tonks is pregnant. After hearing about it last week, I spent the rest of the day in a daze. I couldn’t believe that she is having his child after being so vehemently against children when I spoke to her about it a few months before. But I can’t fault her, she looked happy…radiant actually and I did mean it when I said I thought she would be a great mother…only I thought…but it doesn’t matter now. If nothing else, I know Whiz will do right by Tonks, she and their child will be well taken care of in the future.

My mind snaps back to the present and I remember my purpose for being here when an older gentleman sidles up to the bar next to me and says, “Hello, Charlie. I heard you were looking for me.”

I turn my head and gaze at Orion Tempest, an old friend from my heavier drinking days who I met in Romania. Orion is a professional entrepreneur and seems to dabble in a bit of everything. In the time I have known him, he has worked in illegal sports gambling, dealing in stolen goods, the black market and he has done well in every business which he ventures in to in his world. But oddly enough, Orion does best at a very legitimate and profitable business. He buys expensive residential properties which have gone into disrepair and fixes them up before he resells them at a large profit. He seems to have a nose for the bargain and that is why I came to him for help.

“Of course, I was looking for you, Orion. I needed a drinking partner,” Grinning I shake his hand and watch his eyes crinkle in the corners as he smiles. He seems to have aged a decade since I saw him last when I left Romania but there is still a fire in his eyes. There is not a strand out of place on his full head of ghost white hair and the small goatee he has kept since I’ve known him seems to accentuate his smile. He is still slight, not quite reaching my shoulder when he stands up but in his eyes, one can see how bright and alert he is to the world around him.

He reaches out and I take his hand. While I shake it, I notice that as always, Orion is immaculately groomed and it even looks as if his manicure is recently done. When we break our handshake, he smirks, “I’ve never known you to need anyone to drink with, Mr. Weasley.”

“I’ve changed, Mr. Tempest,” I chuckle, knowing that since the last time he saw me, I found the girl of my dreams and lost her again before I took up with my ex-best friend’s former wife. I guess my life has changed.

“You have and it looks for the better,” Orion pats his belly and I look down at mine, proud that it isn’t quite as rotund as it was last summer.

I don’t remember where I met Orion. I know it was at some nameless pub and I saw him in the corner being harassed by two large individuals. I butted in when they forced him outside and after one of them hit Orion, I stepped in and his attackers left eventually. I brought Orion back inside and he offered me a job as his bodyguard but I refused, so he told me he owed me one since those men were likely to leave him as a bloody splatter in the alleyway.

Since then, our friendship grew although we never sought out each other’s company. We’d run into each other at pubs in Romania and he kept me distracted from making grievous errors with women just by talking to me. But every time we’ve met, he’s always reminded me that he owes me one and it seems to have become our running joke that when he buys me a drink, I consider his debt to me paid…but he heartily disagrees.

“Somewhat better. That girl, Tonks, who I lost, returned to me but we broke up again. I’ve become a desk jockey rather than a Hunter and now, I have found someone new who I care about greatly and is having my child. That’s why I asked you to meet me,” I reply, trying to condense my life as much as possible so we can get to the root of the matter.

“Congratulations, Charlie, but I’m shite with babies. Never had one before to my knowledge,” He quips and takes a healthy drink of his beer. I’ve always been amazed by Orion’s drinking capacity. He’s been able to hold his own with me several times and that’s a mean feat. But I wonder what drove him to drink. He’s rich, seems satisfied with his life but he’s never come out and said what drove him to this world.

“Not looking for baby advice, Orion. Anyways, you’d need to actually get a woman interested in you first,” I jest and Orion looks quite offended for a moment. He then finishes his beer while I say, “I need some help finding a home to raise my child in with Aveline Rousseau. She’s the girl I was talking to you about earlier and I really care for her.”

“It seems like it, Charlie. We’ve known each other for five years and you’ve never asked me for help. Well, I may have the place for you,” Orion reaches into his front robe pocket and pulls out a small binder which he puts on the bar. After tapping it with his wand, we watch the book expand in size before he starts to flip through the pages while he says, “This is my properties listings book. Many of these places are out of your price range but if this is the Aveline Rousseau who I read about in the society pages, she won’t have any problems affording any of these. But that’s not what I had in mind for you, my friend. I think ideally, you’d like to give her a house.”

He finally finds the section entitled ‘Memories’ and opens it before pointing at a lovely mansion most definitely out of my price range. I whistle softly before I exclaim, “I believe you are mistaken in how much I make. I am a government employee now.”

“I know, Charlie but the house is free,” Orion replies calmly while handing me the pictures of the home.

“I believe you shouldn’t drink so early, Orion. Your sense of humor goes to shite,” I respond, a bit irked at my friend’s attempt at a joke.

His features turn deadly serious though as he takes the picture from me and looks at it, “I joke with you about a lot of things, Charlie but not this. I told you long ago that I owe you one and this is my pay back.”

I shake my head but he grips my shoulder before he says, “It is yours, Charlie. I am transferring ownership to you right now and that is final.”

He produces a quill from his pocket and begins to sign several parchments before I stammer, “I can’t take this. It’s too much and what I did is not worthy of anything close to this, really you’ve done enough for me.

He hands the parchments over to me to sign and I refuse before he sighs, “I’m going to tell you a story about this house. This house is not for sale. It was my house that I had built for my wife and me. I was young, rich, and met a beautiful woman. She swept me off my feet and I gave her everything. But a few months after we moved into our dream house, I caught her in bed with my ex-best friend. After that we divorced and I made sure she did not get our home. But I couldn’t live there, so the house has sat empty since then. It needs to feel love again, my friend, and I know you and your Aveline will provide it with that feeling.”

“I’m not sure if I love her, Orion. We’ve only been together for a few months. I mean I care for her,” I reply quickly but I’m stunned by his story and now, I know why he has chosen his lifestyle.

“There are different kinds of love, Charlie and you love her. She is a person you would give anything to help or you would have not sought me out. That is love. It may not be the true love everyone seems to need for some reason but it is as pure as any love I have seen,” Orion explains while pushing the parchment to me again. I sign the parchments several times and when I am done, he grins, “You are now the proud owner of a five bedroom, three bath home, Charlie. You may do with it as you wish although I would suggest you make it the best baby gift ever.”

“I think I’ll do just that, Mr. Tempest,” I smile while rolling up the parchment and taking the three parchments worth of pictures Orion has of the home.

We speak for a few more moments before Orion says, “Well, Mr. Weasley, I think it’s time I say goodbye. I’ve got a few more people to meet this evening and deals to make.”

He stands and leaves with a promise to drop by our new home some time. After finishing my ale, I Apparate to the penthouse, anxious to show Avie her new home although a little part of me is afraid she won’t like it, given her taste.

When I enter the flat, I see Avie resting on the sofa, already in her sleeping gown. She smiles when I walk in before I give her a small kiss. Flopping down on the sofa next to her, I decide the best approach to find out her opinion of the home Orion gave me is to be direct.

Pulling out the pictures, I hand them to Avie and before I can say anything, she exclaims, “Merlin, Charlie, this is a beautiful home. It’s better than the other one and it looks like it’s got an even bigger garden for our child. Where did you find it?”

“A friend of mine deals in reconditioning properties and I met with him tonight to discuss a home for us,” I reply evenly while putting my arm around her.

“I wish you would have told me, Charlie and I would have gone but you did wonderfully. How much is it?” Avie snuggles into my arm, looking dreamily at the pictures and I can just imagine she is deciding how much furniture she can purchase.

“It’s…umm….free, Avie. In fact, it’s yours. I signed it over to you on the way home after my friend gave it to me. It was his home but after his marriage fell apart, he abandoned it. Now, he wants us to fill it with the sounds of one screaming child, so he signed it over to me. I wanted to give you something for being with me and for being my friend, so I, in turn, gave it to you,” I say quietly, hoping my reason is enough for Aveline.

“It’s…I can’t.” Avie blurts out excitedly and I hold her arms tightly. After she calms down, she looks at the pictures again before she says, “You can’t give this to me, Charlie.”

“Well, then I’m giving it to our baby then, Avie, and since it resides in you, you’re going to need to live there too. Just say yes, love. I want this for you. You deserve it.” I respond quietly after twisting Avie around to face me. She stares at me, tears forming in her eyes while I continue, “All I ask is that you let Bit and me stay there too. I want to see the little tyke grow up.”

“Thank you, Charlie, I don’t know what to say,” Avie whispers and turns her head away.

I cup her chin and gently pull her until she faces me before I say, “All you have to say is when you want to move in, Avie.”

"House Hunting..." Rated NC 17 [March 21, 2006 @ 6:24am]
“Hello, Mrs. Worthington, I didn’t know if you were going to make it,” the estate agent smiles as he waddles toward us, the fabric of his magenta company salesman robes pulled tightly across his midsection. He takes my hand and shakes it heartily before he says, “Umm…you really don’t look like your pictures, Mr. Worthington. My name is Myron Pimpletom.”

I smile as Aveline arches an eyebrow and with an air of quiet disdain says, “I am Aveline Rousseau. I was married to Mr. Worthington at one time but this is not him. This is my friend, Charlie Weasley.”

“Oh, my mistake, Charles, I apologize about that. I guess I’m just excited about you allowing me to show you this house,” Myron huffs as he drops the piece of parchment with the counterspell to the locking charm on it. He bends over and suddenly a tearing sound fills the air and when I look, I can’t help but laugh as the obese estate agent has not only ripped his trousers but somehow his robe and his boxers have torn also, exposing his very white, very large bottom to the elements.

He stands and turns quickly as a gust of cold wind lifts his robes in the back as he moans, “I’m sorry, Ms. Worthing…I mean Ms. Rousseau and Mr. Weasel but would you mind if we did this tomorrow? I’ve had an issue come up.”

“I believe you can trust us in the home, Mr. Pimpletom. Why don’t you hand me the locking charm and I will destroy it as soon as I have viewed the residence. I will Firecall you with my decision tomorrow.” Aveline smiles and holds out her hand toward Mr. Pimpletom.

“This is highly unusual, Ms. Rousseau but since you’re an Auror and rich…that will be fine. Please call me first thing with what you thought about the house,” Myron drops the slip of parchment into her hand and nods his head at us. His hands hold the back of his robes as he backs down the sidewalk and I’m glad he didn’t offer to shake my hand again.

When he is gone, I smile at Avie and say, “Shall we, love?”

Aveline grins and after muttering the charm, we enter the house. I gasp in amazement at the spiraling staircase that greets us when we enter and the large windows that seem to circle the house.

As we walk around the house, I observe Aveline grin as her hand touches the walls and wood work reverently and I know this is the home she wants. I watch her eyes glimmer in the gathering darkness in the house while she takes my hand as we explore the top two floors. I chuckle when we reach the third floor and say, “Lots of steps for a pregnant woman.”

“Some of us can Apparate, Charlie,” Avie replies as we stand on the top floor landing. It seems she can’t help smiling as she laughs, “This is the house I want, Charlie. It’s perfect and we’ll have plenty of room to fill with furniture.”

Wending my hand in hers, I lead her downstairs again and we walk to small study with large airy windows. A lone black chair sits in there, the only piece of furniture in the house. Aveline runs to the window and throws it open, her voice as airy as the breeze entering the house while she says, “The garden, Charlie. We’ll be near the city but we’ll have a huge garden for the little one.”

She leans forward, her hands gripping the bottom ledge, while she breathes in deeply. I walk behind Aveline, my hands covering hers as I lean gently over her. It seems that for the first time in weeks, I feel at ease and don’t feel the need to have a little nip of whatever alcohol I can find to take the edge off my day. I started drinking again soon after Avie and I visited my Mum and it seems that I haven’t been able to stop. I’ve been feigning working late and then stopping by ‘The Pig’s Eye’ an out of the way tavern for a few drinks before I head home. I’ve thought about it and my need doesn’t have anything to do with Avie but something inside of me has snapped and now the floodgates are open although thankfully, I’ve been able to control myself and I’m home by six every night, so as not to arouse suspicion.

But I push those thoughts out of my mind when I hear Avie moan softly as we touch. Bringing my lips to her ear, I whisper, “Do you want me to fuck you, Avie, right here in this house? We can break it in properly.”

“No, Charlie, when we get home. The estate agent might come back,” Avie gasps as I reach my hand up and cup her breast through her robes. She bites her lip as she whimpers, “Charlie, Gods, Charlie…we can’t…not here.”

I hear the alarm in her voice but when she grinds her hips against me, I know she wants this as badly as I do, so stepping back, I take hold of her shoulders and twist her around until she faces me. She cries out softly but before she can protest, my lips cover hers and my tongue passes into her mouth roughly, tangling with hers. Aveline sighs and after a moment of struggle, she melts into me, her arms curling around my neck.

After several moments, we break our kiss and I step back while beginning to disrobe. I look at Avie appraisingly before I turn from her and say, “Strip and go sit in the chair.”

I turn back toward her and watch as she hesitates before I watch a small grin spread across her features. As she crosses the room gracefully, Her clothes lie discarded in a trail behind her on the hardwood floors, her pale skin shining in the dim moonlight arcing through the window. She sits as I remove my shoes, propping one leg over the edge of the chair while she licks her fingers and begins to trace it down her abdomen as she purrs, “This is what you wanted me to do, Mr. Weasley?”

I groan as she touches herself, her finger parting her folds but this isn’t what I had in mind. Instead of allowing myself to get caught up in her ministrations, I cross the room quickly and kneel in front of her while I pull her down the chair. I watch her eyes dance in amusement while I growl, “No, my idea is to make you beg me to fuck you, Avie.”

HousewarmingCollapse )

“Perfect, Avie, only if we keep this chair,” I chuckle before I lean forward and kiss Aveline once more.

"Dinner and Descent..." [March 08, 2006 @ 2:33pm]
“Mum, we’re here,” I yell after I open the door to the family home. Aveline grips my hand tightly and I try to reassure her but I’m just as anxious as she is about her meeting Mum for the first time.

“Tell me again, Charlie that it will be alright. I just don’t know if I can deal with another Olive catastrophe,” Aveline swallows nervously and I pat her hand to reassure her.

“Two absolutely different situations, love. Just remember the ‘roast chicken’ is great and did you bring the gift for Dad?” I reply with a smile as we enter the kitchen.

Aveline nods before Mum comes around the corner. Mum hugs me closely, nearly snapping my ribs before she says, “It’s about time you visited your Mum. It’s like you dropped off the face of the earth and when you Firecalled I was so relieved.”

Mum babbles for a moment, tears forming in her eyes before I take her hand and turn her until she faces Aveline as I say, “Mum, this is the girl I told you about, Aveline Rousseau.”

Mum’s features brighten before she puts her hand out and Avie takes it nervously before she says, “Aveline, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Yes, Mrs. Weasley, it’s good to meet you also. I love the house and the chicken smells wonderful.” Aveline replies with a nervous smile.

We enter the kitchen and sit at the table which Mum has set for only three. Mum goes to the oven and pulls out the roast chicken while saying, “I’m sorry, Aveline but Charlie’s father was called at the last minute to handle an emergency with something Muggle related. He may be home before you leave but I don’t want to make you two wait. The food is ready. Would you like to eat now?”

I nod and Mum whispers a charm before all three plates fly over to the stove while spoons and forks begin to dole out food. Aveline watches in amazement as her plate settles in front of her, a generous helping of chicken, potatoes and peas sitting in front of her. I watch as Avie shakes her head softly and I wonder if she has learned any cooking or cleaning charms in her lifetime.

After the food is served, Mum sits down and we begin to eat. Mum spears a potato wedge and holds it idly before asking, “It seems Charlie has been keeping you a secret, Aveline. Can you tell me something about yourself?”

“I was born in France and my parents died when I was young. I was raised by my Uncle Luc and Aunt Volette here in England before I went to Hogwarts. After I finished school, I joined the Aurors,” Aveline’s story comes to an end and there is a moment of silence at the table.

“And married ‘Whizzy’ Worthington, right?” Mum finally says and smiles before taking a bite of chicken.

“Yes, Randall and I were not very compatible, Mrs. Weasley. I ended our marriage at the beginning of this year,” Aveline answers quietly and I place my hand on her knee under the table.

“How did you come to meet Charlie, Aveline?” Mum asks and Aveline’s hand sneaks under the table to squeeze mine.

“I’ve known Charlie since Hogwarts, Mrs. Weasley and we became friends soon after he came back from Romania,” Avie replies and I can feel the tension in her body as the words come out of her mouth.

“Mum, you can ask me questions instead of making Aveline any more uncomfortable,” I say while I put my fork on my plate.
I don’t know where Mum is taking this line of questioning but it’s not what I expected out of her.

“No, Charlie, I can handle any questions. I’ll just tell your Mum everything. I’m number two in the Auror Force and I had to scratch and claw to get there. I divorced Whizzy and your son came to me the night he and Tonks broke up. Since then we’ve been together and we’ve kept each other sane and I hope I’ve made him happy,” Aveline’s tone borders on angry while she replies through gritted teeth and her nails dig into the back of my hand under the table.

“That’s nice, dear but there’s no reason for you to get angry. The information on you and Whizzy was in every society column and I was curious about you and Charlie because my second son never tells me anything,” Mum grins and reaches across the table. She pats Avie’s hand before she adds, “Now, relax or your food won’t settle so you can have dessert. By the way, when did you find out you were pregnant?”

Aveline stares at me in surprise as I gasp, “I never said anything, Mum. How did you know Aveline is pregnant?”

“I’ve had seven children, Charlie. After a while when your father rolled over to go to sleep, I could tell I was pregnant and Aveline has that look to her. This is your first, correct?” Mum asks Aveline as she finishes up her plate. She scowls at me before continuing, “And your first too, Charlie Weasley? By the way, Aveline, you can call me Molly.”

I nod to answer Mum’s question while Aveline responds, “Yes, Mrs…I mean Molly. I’ve never had a child before but the Healer told me I’m about four weeks along.”

Mum seems to scowl slightly before she grins, “That’s wonderful, Aveline. Although I never thought it would be Charlie who would bring me my first grandchild.”

“I bet you thought it would be Bill,” I smirk as I clean my plate before I take Aveline’s hand from her thigh and bring it onto the table.

“No, I thought it would be one of the twins. I always told them that they’d have a wailing little baby for the torture they put me through,” Mum laughs as the Floo pops and I turn to see Dad begin to dust himself off.

Dad walks over and shakes my hand before he walks over and kisses Mum on the head. He grins as he reaches out and takes Aveline’s hand as he says cheekily, “Why, Charlie, your mother never said you were bringing home such a lovely young lady. I’m Arthur and you’re quite beautiful, Aveline. It is Aveline, correct?” Aveline nods as Dad continues, “So Aveline, how is the morning sickness?”

Aveline nearly spits up the juice she is drinking before she chokes, “No, I haven’t had a hint of morning sickness yet. But how did you know?”

“I could tell before I rolled over and fell asleep whether Molly here was carrying another Weasley,” Dad proclaims proudly as he stretches once. He turns to Mum and says, “I’ve eaten already, Molly but I can take the two of them into the living room if you want and we can talk.”

“Well, Charlie can give me a hand and you can take Aveline into the other room,” Mum replies and I know my night is not done yet.

“Um, Arthur, I brought you a gift. I’m a friend of Gabrielle’s and she told me you like these,” Aveline stands and fumbles in the pocket of her slacks before she brings out a small package that she immediately charms to return to its full size.

“Glorious!” Dad exclaims as he takes hold of the package and rips it open. He turns it over in his hand excitedly before he looks at Mum and says, “An air freshener, Molly, but it has a propeller on it, so it can fly around the room like those areoplanes.”

“Mr. Weasley, I’m sorry but the Apothecary said that is a fan and it just blows the air around. I’m sorry it doesn’t fly,” Aveline says meekly while Dad comes around and takes her arm.

He leads her into the living room as he replies, “Don’t be silly, Aveline. That even makes more sense because if it flew, it would hit people on the head. I have this friend, Han, and when he returns from his trip to China, we’re going to dissect this. I don’t know what those brilliant Muggles will think up next.”

When Dad’s voice trails off, Mum casts a spell and begins to clear the table while another flick of her wand turns on the tea kettle. As the scrub brushes and scourers begin to clean the dishes, Mum sits and says, “I like her, Charlie. She’s a lovely girl and has a bit of fire in her. I think Aveline is a red head at heart.”

Grinning, I reply, “I like her too, Mum. She’s helped me through a lot.”

“You don’t love her, Charlie?” Mum quirks an eyebrow while she summons the tea pot and four cups over to us.

“We’ve only been together for a short bit, Mum and I just don’t know. It seems she got pregnant during one of our first encounters,” I respond sheepishly while I watch Mum charm four tea bags over to the table and a serving tray with cookies on it.

“Are you planning on marrying her, Charlie? Have you two discussed that yet?” Mum’s voice sounds worried and I realize that it isn’t Avie and me she is worried about now.

“We haven’t talked about it yet, Mum. We’re still getting over some…other things,” I answer truthfully. Mum doesn’t understand that I just broke up with Tonks a few weeks ago and the pain is still fresh although it seems to be less excruciating lately.

Mum reaches and puts her hand over mine as she says, “Well, Charlie, it’s something to consider. I know about your past after you left Tonks until you came home, son and you’ve made some mistakes. Being a father is a big responsibility and you need to be sure of yourself.”

“Yes, Mum, I think about it everyday but I don’t think either of us is thinking about marriage,” I answer sourly, feeling the bile rise in my throat that my mother knows about the indiscretions of my past.

“I just want you to be careful, Charlie, for both your sakes,” Mum replies simply and I realize she is right. What makes me think I’m not going to screw this up also? After all, my record with women isn’t the greatest and it seems that Avie is just next on the list. Standing, Mum smile wanly before she continues, “I know you’ll do the right thing, son. Now, let’s get into the living room and visit before Aveline falls asleep out there.”

“I’ll follow you in a minute, Mum,” I reply and Mum looks at my for a moment before she charms the tray and tea pot to fly ahead of her as she makes her way out of the kitchen. Standing after a few seconds, I go to follow her but hesitate as I think about all the women I’ve screwed over in the past and wondering if there are anymore little Charlie’s running around out there.
Aveline deserves better but I’m all she has now and as thoughts of how many ways I could screw this up go through my mind, I can only think of one place to find solace.

Turning, I walk over the uppermost cabinet near the stove and get up on my tiptoes, feeling around until my hand finds a familiar shape and I pull it down. Wiping the dust off the half filled bottle, I glare at the ‘Old Ogden’s Firewhiskey’ label and chuckle bitterly as I wonder how many times I found some form of comfort right here with my old friend. Twisting off the cap, I tip the bottle, feeling the familiar burning sensation of the liquid coursing down my throat. Placing the cap back on, I sigh while I put the bottle away and then cast a freshening charm on myself to hide my shame.

Straightening my jumper, I walk out of the kitchen and see Aveline laughing with my parents. I walk next to her before she takes my hand and whispers, “I love them, Charlie. Thank you for bringing me here.”

“The pleasure’s all mine, Avie,” I reply as I put my arm around her, sit, and smile happily before I begin to experience the familiar regret and guilt sweep over me once more.

"Relaxation..." [February 28, 2006 @ 2:31pm]
Lying on the sofa in Aveline’s penthouse, I feel at ease for the first time in a long time. Tonight, Aveline came home and made her way to the bedroom to take a nap and I wonder if she is beginning to feel the effects of her pregnancy. I worry about her health and whether she’ll work herself too hard. But it does seem that everyday, things between Avie and me are getting better. We’ve become comfortable together and now there is a closeness between us that is definitely something past friendship but I don’t know exactly what to call it.

“What the hell are we now, girl?” I ask as Little Bit jumps up next to me. She tilts her head at my question and I rub the scruff of her neck. One amazing little miracle about this entire relationship we’ve fallen into is how close Avie and Bit have become over time. At first, Avie wouldn’t come near the ‘filthy mutt’ as she affectionately called Bit. But I’ve caught Aveline being openly affectionate with the pup and now, Aveline acknowledges Bit before she greets me. Of course, the minute Avie walks in, Bit is by her side and I think that Aveline enjoys it.

“I think that I care for her, Bit. Bloody hell, she’s wonderful but I never thought I’d have any kind of feelings for anyone other than your Mum but there’s something about Avie...always has been that way,” I continue as Bit pushes her muzzle against my chest.

Bit runs her monstrosity of a tongue over my cheek before I chuckle, “I guess, you’ll have a brother or sister soon, girl. It was a bit of a stunner at first but I like the idea of another little Weasley raising hell in the world. But hopefully, she’ll take after Avie....she’s a looker, eh?”

Bit licks me once more before I hear, “Do you always talk to the dog, Charlie Weasley?”

Bit turns and jumps off the sofa while Avie lies on me. All I can think about is how lovely Aveline looks as her body snuggles up to mine. Pulling Avie close, I watch her smirk as I reply, “Well, sometimes they listen a good bit better than humans.”

“I think you were too long with the dragons, Charlie,” Aveline chuckles while she leans her head on my shoulder.

“The only creatures I’m smarter than around here,” I smile while my hand reaches down to her belly. Ever since Aveline told me about our child, I find myself touching her abdomen a lot.

At first, Avie felt uncomfortable when I did this but now, her hand covers mine and we sit there silently before she grins, “That’s true, Charlie Weasley. You loved to play the dumb Quidditch player.”

“I didn’t play at it, Avie,” I reply as she hits me on the shoulder. She scoots up my body and I kiss the top of her head while I murmur, “Anyways, I thought you would go for the intellectual types like my brother, Bill.”

“Oh, your brother is good looking, Charlie and from what I remember, he was bright. But I always liked to be smarter and better looking than the men I dated,” Aveline snickers before she raises her head to capture my lips.

“Well, I guess that holds true with me on both counts but I we’d have to consider us dating then,” I reply after we break apart while running my hand down her back.

“You live here, Charlie. You somehow coerce me into sex every night and your dog has left rolling clumps of hair everywhere. I’d say we are dating,” Aveline replies before she chuckles loudly and cups my chin.

Her brown eyes meet mine while I think about all we’ve been through so far...the loneliness when we were thrown together, the different ways we tried to get rid of our shared pain, sending her to the Grotto to talk to Whizzy and her subsequent return. Still, I wonder if we will be strong enough to make through having a child together. I feel like I know much about Aveline Rousseau but I hardly know her at all. But I don’t want to share my thoughts with her and ruin this moment.

Instead, I kiss her neck before I quip, “I thought that your libido would be going wild with the pregnancy but it’s starting to become like work to get you into bed,”

Avie hits me in the chest before she lifts herself until she straddles my hips before a scowl crosses her face, “I think it might be that I’m getting a bit tired of the same old thing. I mean the first and second time is usually wonderful but after that, I’m just getting bored with the same old thing every night.”

“We’ll have to do something about that then, Ms. Rousseau,” Lifting Avie up, I roll her over until she is lying flat and her legs are wrapped around me on the sofa. She squirms when I run my hands underneath her jumper but settles as my fingers start to graze over her sides.

“You won’t be able to lift me like that in a while, Charlie. You won’t be able to do a lot of things,” Avie says softly, a tinge of regret in her voice.

Her legs are still wrapped around when she sits up and I pull her body close to mine. My arms curl around her while I respond with a wink, “Well, I reckon I’m plenty strong, Avie and if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s figuring out how to do things. So if need be, I have some levitation spells when you get larger and I always can figure out a way to have sex.”

“You’re hopeless, Charlie,” Aveline replies as she pushes away from me.

She moves her body closer to mine and I put my arms around her again. After a few moments of silence, I say hesitantly, “I’d like to take you to meet my Mum and Dad this week. I need to tell them about the pregnancy and introduce you to them. Maybe we can go over for dinner. Mum is a terrific cook and you’ll love her.”

“I just wonder if she’ll love me, Charlie, but I’ll trust you. Anyways, I’ve always wanted to meet woman who produced all those Weasleys,” Aveline snickers and rubs Bit’s head as the large pup sits next to her on the floor while putting her head in Avie’s lap.

“Well, Mum’s a good judge of people, so she’ll know you’re lovely and Dad’s a push over for a pretty face,” Leaning over Avie, I scratch Bit on the ear. After I back away again, I kiss Avie on the cheek and grin, “Besides, all you need to do is bring Dad some wonderful Muggle device and tell Mum that her roast chicken is the best you ever tasted and they’ll adopt you.”

“I wish meeting parents was that easy for me,” Aveline sighs and I remember hearing that her meeting with Whizzy’s mother did not go well and I understand because Whizzy’s Mum can be a bit difficult at times. But my family is different. Mum and Dad are more gracious and they’ve always welcomed people into their lives with open arms.

“I guarantee that if Mum doesn’t love you, I’ll dress up in a French maid’s outfit and clean the flat for a day,” I declare while lifting my feet and crossing them on the table.

Aveline giggles at the absurd image and wraps her arms around my neck. Her eyes light up as she laughs, “Thanks for that picture, Charlie. It might be worth having your Mum hate me if I get to see that cute arse in a short skirt.”

"Chance Encounters..." [February 17, 2006 @ 2:31pm]
I’ve had a great day since my choices for eight candidates have been made and next week, I’lll inform the first class of the Auror Ranger Force that they will be starting in mid-March on their twelve week training program. Of course, my work is nearly done with this group and once I notify them, I’ll then turn their training over to Senior Hunter Schemp and Killigan, newly assigned Non Commissioned Officers from the Dragon Hunter Force in Romania who will make sure that this group will be worthy to wear the Ranger badge. I’ll still be involved with the group but soon, I will be looking over candidates for the next training session and judging from the nearly hundred applications, I should be very busy again next month.

“Ummph…” A familiar voice sounds and I squeeze my eyes together knowing that Nymphadora Tonks has run into me. I’ve been avoiding her as much as possible and I am sure she’s been doing the same but it was inevitable that this should occur since we work on the same floor. After she stumbles, she rights herself and snaps, “Watch where you walk.”

“You ran into me, Tonks,” I smile, helping her steady herself. My palms begin to sweat nervously as I realize this is the first time we have spoken since our harsh break up just a few weeks ago.

“Charlie, I’m sorry…umm…I have to meet Kingsley,” She stammers and tries to slide by me in the busy hallway.

“Bit is doing well,” I call out after her and I wonder why I said anything before I realize that Little Bit has missed Tonks and I’m sure that Tonks has missed her also. She deserves to know about the puppy she gave me for my birthday and we shared for over a month during what seems like a lifetime ago.

Tonks turns around and slowly walks back toward me. “How is she, Charlie? Has she grown?”

“She’s getting bigger everyday. Bloody dog eats like a Hippogriff and is clumsy as all get out.” I smile wanly as Dorrie stands next to me.

“I miss her…” Tonks replies before she drops a file on the floor.

“She misses you too.” I say quietly as Tonks picks up her file.

“Maybe she if you bring her into work or something, I can visit,” Tonks’ eyes sparkle at her suggestion.

Nodding, I grin but I know I have so much more that I have to tell Tonks. I’ve always tried my hardest to be honest with her and this is a time that she deserves to know about my life but Tonks looks at a clock on the wall nervously
and I know I'll have to wait to tell her about Aveline. Instead I smile and say, "Well, I've got to get going..."

“Thanks. I wish you the best also, Charlie but I’ve got to go see Kingsley and I’m running late,” Tonks replies before taking a deep breath and smiling.

“So long, Tonks and I’ll try to get Bit in here.” I return her grin and watch her amble away before I turn and make my way to Avie’s office. I’d already known about Tonks staying with Whizzy but it's been rough to see her and try to remain upbeat as I open the door to Avie’s office.

When I flop down on her sofa, Avie looks at me with concern and asks, “What’s wrong, Charlie?”

Lifting my eyes, I stare at the beautiful woman who I’m involved with now. Sad but I don’t even know what we are to each other yet. But I do know that I enjoy her company and each of us seems to find reasons to wander into each other’s offices constantly, much like what I am doing now.

For a brief second, I wonder if I shouldn’t tell Aveline of my encounter with Tonks given her jealousy over my ex-girlfriend. But I know that I need to be truthful if I’m going to ask the same things of her. Her fingers run through my hair and I sigh against their gentle touch. “I saw Tonks for the first time just a few minutes ago. We talked about Bit but I didn't have a chance to tell her about us. It was awkward to say the least and hard to see her knowing about Whizzy.”

“I don’t understand. I told you about them last week,” she replies while leans over, kissing the top of my head. I find myself at the juncture between wanting to be morose about the now harsh reality that Tonks and Whizzy are an item again or moving on with my life here with Aveline. When I think of the past week with Avie and how she has been since our night at the tavern, I realize that she doesn’t deserve for me to drop into some deep depression and even though I miss Tonks, Avie is here and it’s time to move on…I know she already has with her life.

Her touch relaxes me and I sigh contentedly before I say, “It’s just different to face Tonks but at least, I've survived seeing her and I feel now that I will be able to move on...with us…”

“I like that, Charlie. Maybe we could see about getting away from here in a few weeks. I think we just need some time away to talk and take it easy,” Aveline answers me and I sit up to wake myself up before Avie leans into my body.

“Take it easy and have sex, Avie. You always forget the sex,” I smile at Aveline while I chastise her good naturedly.

“I never forget the sex, Charlie but I don’t feel like I need to mention it because that is a given,” Avie grins wickedly and runs her hand down my chest, sending shivers down my spine.

“Well, I don’t want you taking sex as a given, Ms. Rousseau, so tonight, I might have to try something new,” I reply before kissing her after I stand.

Avie smiriks while she pulls herself erect, wrapping her arms around my neck, “What is this something new, Mr. Weasley? We’ve been pretty adventurous.”

“I’m not going to tell you now, love and ruin the surprise but I hope you are flexible,” I whisper into her ear before I nibble on her earlobe.

“I can promise you that I’m flexible, Charlie,” Aveline gasps when I flutter kisses on her neck before I pull away reluctantly and begin to leave.

“That’s good because I have this interesting Muggle book that I picked up in India…they do things we can only imagine,” I grin before I step back out into the busy hallway and return to my office…

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