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The Balcony

Aveline’s political ambitions while admirable can often be a pain in the arse since it leads to us attending a number of Ministry functions that I enjoy as much as having a dragon singe my arse hair. But I know they are important to her and I have gone to every event possible to rub elbows with the politically affluent crowd.

Of course, the benefits are that I get to see Aveline at her best, interacting with some of the Ministry’s finest and as I take a sip of water, I notice she looks even more beautiful than usual in her black formal robes which dip low in the back to show off just enough skin to be breathtaking and mold to her body perfectly.

Even with the bump she has acquired during her pregnancy, she is still perfect and as I walk up behind her and place my fingers on shoulders, I know that I’m a lucky wizard. The coifed spill of raven colored hair stands tall on her head and I brush away a stray lock away from the ivory skin of her neck. I reverently brush my lips against the juncture between her shoulder and neck before I murmur, “I think it’s getting to be time to leave this broom closet, Avie.”

“You don’t refer to the Deputy Minister of Finance’s home as a broom closet, love,” Aveline replies but I feel her fingers graze along the back of my hands as she emits a small sigh.

“Maybe we could find a broom closet in the Deputy Minister of Finance’s home,” I whisper in her ear before letting my teeth worry against her lobe.

“Is that all you think about, Charlie? Getting into my knickers,” she responds with a slight bit of huskiness in her voice.

“Would you rather have me think about getting into someone else’s knickers?” I breathe quietly as I lean my head over her shoulder.

“I don’t know why I bring you with me,” Aveline answers while she turns to face me but I can see the wicked glint in her dark eyes.

A hand on my shoulder distracts me from Aveline and I pivot my head to face Dermont Denzel, a longtime friend of the family who works with my father in the Ministry.

Removing my hands reluctantly from Aveline’s body, I smile, “Hello there, Mr. Denzel.

Have you met the mother of my child, Aveline Rousseau?”

Denzel smiles tightly before he bows his head and says, “Umm…no…very good to meet you, Ms. Rousseau.”

Aveline shakes his hand before I ask, “What can I do for you, Mr. Denzel?”

“Charlie, could I speak to you somewhere?” he replies while he looks around nervously, his foxy features on edge.

“I’m about to leave, Mr. Denzel but I could see you Monday. Are you still near my father’s office?” I ask, trying my hardest to just escape this black tie affair and get home.

“No, Charlie, I need to ask you a question and see if you can give me an answer tonight,” Dermont answers and I stare at him curiously. His eyes stop darting around the room and he gazes at me over his sharp nose while he says, “We’ve had a withdrawal in the third district for the local Ombudsman and a few of us thought you’d be a perfect candidate.”

I bark loudly, drawing the stares of several guests before I reply, “Did my father put you up to this? I’ve been out of the country for ten years and I’m not political in any way.”

Denzel opens his mouth to respond but a voice from across the room calls for him and he shrugs his shoulders before he asks, “Will you excuse me? My wife needs me.”

He shakes my hand before he wanders away. When Dermont disappears into the crowd, I turn toward Aveline and say, “Can you believe that, Avie? I mean what a joke.”

I’m surprised to see that Aveline’s features are stormy and her brow furrows while she replies, “You didn’t even confer with me.”

My mouth gapes open while I respond, “You know I never wanted to go into politics.”

“You didn’t even consider it, Charlie. Everything comes so easy for you. Someone out of the blue offers to endorse you for Ombudsman and you just laugh it off. I’ve been waiting for a chance like that for years,” Aveline hisses before she spins around and walks away.

I move to follow as she crosses the ballroom but all I can do is watch her make her way out onto the balcony before Dermont cuts in front of me. He pushes his hands forward before he says, “Charlie, can I explain myself?”

I want to push past him but when I step to the side, he moves with me. Not wanting to cause a scene, I sigh as I comment, “Make it quick, Mr. Denzel. I have someplace I need to be right now.”

“I’ll only be a moment. I just wanted you to reconsider your answer,” he replies. “The position is not a full-time job. You’d basically be a councilman and have to attend a meeting once a month. It’s a good stepping off point to see if you’d like to look into politics.”

I already know the answer, Mr. Dermont. I told you earlier that I wasn’t interested,”

I reply with a small smile.

“If you reconsider, Charlie, I think that you’ve got a lot of potential. You and your older brother are a lot like your father and I’ve been trying to get him to run for some type of political position for years,” Dermont replies.

“Dad would be wonderful,” I answer with a grin. “But I don’t see myself being able to deal with all the nuances of politics.”

I slide past him but he takes hold of my arm and says, “Don’t sell yourself short, Charlie. You’re well-known, respected, and you have a distinguished record in a difficult job. That’s a lot more than others have to offer.”

I nod and shake his hand before I walk off, wondering if Mr. Dermont knows about my past, the drunken years when I was in Romania. I have way too many skeletons in my closet for anyone to take me seriously.

As my conversation with Dermont ends, I feel my anger rise again. Aveline had no right to judge me. She is supposed to support me, not degrade me. Stalking angrily out outside, I see Aveline standing alone in the shadowy corner near a wall, staring out at the darkened landscape. Moving behind her, I ask sternly, “What happened back there, Avie?”

“Nothing, Charlie. I’m just tired of being looked over while others are given opportunities that should be mine when I work so hard for them every day.” Aveline spins and faces me.

“Are you trying to say I have it easy?” I object while she stares daggers at me.

“Let’s see, first you were a Quidditch star at Hogwarts, All-England team and now you get offered a political position.” Aveline ticks off parts of my life on her fingers. She shakes her head while she laughs bitterly. “But do you notice a pattern here, Charlie? It’s all come so easy for you but you end up running away from each opportunity.”

“It’s my life, Avie and I’m happy with what I’m doing,” I answer.

“Do you mean chasing overgrown lizards?” Aveline retorts before she turns away from me.

“No, I mean seducing Whizzy and Thornton,” I snap.

Aveline turns at my words and I can see the fury in her eyes. Her hand snakes out and explodes across my cheek while she hisses, “You fucking bastard. How dare you?”

“How dare I what…degrade you or mock you? “ I reply while I take hold of her shoulders and pull her to me.

“Get the fuck away from me, Charlie” she says threateningly.

I release Aveline and she turns back to face the night. Running my hand through my hair, I say, “I was wrong to say that.”

“I’m sorry too, Charlie. I know you don’t want anything to do with politics but it’s my dream,” Aveline turns and in the faint glow of the moon, I can see the slight bit of hurt in her eyes.

“I know you’re going to get your chance, Aveline and it won’t be some lame part time Ombudsman job.” I smirk before I place my hand on her cheek. I’m rewarded when she does not pull away before I say, “You’ll probably start out as the Minister of Magic, knowing you.”

She smiles wanly back at me and crosses her arms in front of her. Aveline shivers and I place my arms around her before she says, “I don’t think I’d be that lucky. It’s going to be a hard climb when I get the opportunity but I want it so badly.”

“I think you’re going to be wonderful. You’ve got the drive and the energy to do it,” I reply enthusiastically.

“I think you’re just flattering me, Charlie,” Aveline grins. Leaning into me, she whispers, “Please continue…”

“I could flatter you some other way maybe,” I ask innocently as I graze my fingers against the back of her hand.

“There are lots of people around,” Aveline replies hesitantly.

I step forward and Aveline moves backward into the shadowy corner of the balcony. The white of her eyes burn intensely in the darkness and I find myself mesmerized by them before I smirk. “I could take you home, love. If that is what you want…”

My hand plays under her robes and I listen to her sigh before she says, “We can’t, Charlie….not here and I still have a few people I’d like to speak to inside.”

I pull away reluctantly and take her hand before we walk toward the main doors. Jiggling the handle, I find the door locked before I move over to the next door and find that we are effectively stuck out on the balcony.

Turning to Aveline, I shrug, “Sorry love, but I think we’re locked out.”

She peers through the paned glass and sees the abandoned hallway before she replies, “I think we could be out here for awhile.”

Aveline turns toward me and crosses her arms in front of her before she shivers. Curling my arms around her torso, I say, “I have an idea to keep us warm.”

“Is that all you ever think about?” she grins.

Taking her hand, I lead her to our darkened corner and we walk behind several large shrubs in planters. She leans back against the rail behind her and I put my hands on her hips while I reply, “It’s not all I think about but it is a topic of choice in my little mind.”

She puts her hands on my arms before she answers, “I can’t believe you still find me desirable.”

“Of course I do. There’s no one else who captures my fancy now.” I lean forward and ghost my lips against her chin. “It’s been that way for a long time. Remember that little pub? I was crazy for you then too…nothing’s changed.”

“My back has never been right since then.” Aveline wraps her arms around my neck. “But if I remember correctly, I think I was the one who was all over you in that washroom.”

“Of course…because you can’t keep your hands off of me either,” I chuckle before she playfully slaps my chest.

Leaning over, my lips capture hers and I hear her moan quietly as my tongue invades her mouth. She threads her hand through my hair and pulls me closer to her as my hand works feverishly under her robes, running up her thigh until I cup her mound through her knickers.

Her lips leave mine and Aveline trails kisses along my jawline while she murmurs, “You are feeling a bit randy, aren’t you, Charlie?”

“Only with you,” My fingers reach inside her knickers and I’m happy to find that she is quite aroused.

Aveline arches her back when my fingers brush over her clit and she worries her teeth along her bottom lip. The fire in her eyes is different now, full of need, desire and I know that my own orbs reflect the same. Still, there is a last bit of hesitancy on her features and I hear the anxiety in her voice when she says, “I’m still not sure…”

Groaning in frustration, I reach into the pocket of my robes and pull out my wand. Two murmured spells later and a hazy, opaque shield shimmers around us, hiding us from the rest of the balcony. Shoving my wand into my pocket, I grin, “One concealment and one silencing spell made to order.”

“You’re good with those.” Aveline smiles as she stares across the balcony.

“I’ve had a lot of practice,” I reply as I open my robes.

Aveline watches me, her eyes taking in my every movement as I reach for the zip of my trousers before her fingers on my chest stop me. “I want to do this, Charlie.”

Her hands find my zip and she opens it before she pushes them down my hips. She reaches inside my trousers and pulls out my hardening cock as she continues, “It seems you’re quite ready.”

“My turn,” My fingers find the snaps of her robe and I open it before I gaze reverently at her porcelain skin. Her chest heaves with desire as I reach over and graze my thumbs on the undersides of her breasts as her hand falls away from my erection. I watch her mouth part slightly, her tongue licking her lips in anticipation as one of my hands runs over the still taut skin of her belly before I whisper, “You’re a beautiful woman, Avie.”

I turn her around, letting my hands now pull the robe off her shoulders before I bend down and kiss the nape of her neck. She sighs as my hand reaches in front of her and slides into her knickers again. When my fingers find her nub again, she breathes in sharply as I watch her grasp the railing and gasp, “Charlie…”

Her knuckles grow white as she tightens her grip on the wrought iron railing and I bring my other hand down to lift her robes. The cool summer air causes goose bumps on the flesh of her bottom and I caress the bare skin before I ask, “Are you ready, love?”

She nods her head wordlessly as I pull aside her knickers and line my erection up with her opening and begin to push forward. The head of my cock pushes into her and she moans quietly as her inner walls press against me. I pause for a moment, letting the sensation of being within Aveline course through…the warmth, the desire…the sheer pleasure causes my breath to hitch before I drive into her waiting cunt.

“Bloody perfect, love,” I growl before she bows her back into me. My fingers continue to play against her clit and I feel her passion build as we find our rhythm. She shivers as we continue to move, the buildup so familiar as I watch her let go of all her inhibitions and just allow herself to be…to exist in a world free of fault, guilt and decisions which affect not only thousands but those that shape the life of the child within her.

Aveline reaches behind her and I feel her arm curl around the back of my neck as the back and forth motion of our union brings her ever closer to her ecstasy. The disjointed tempo of my erection plunging into her sounding out in the quiet gloom of the night as we move as one.

“So close, Charlie.” Her body falls forward again and she groans loudly as my thumb presses against the tender flesh of her nub. She begins to tremble and thrust into her until she tenses…her body stills and with a trilling cry, she tumbles over the edge. She takes hold of the railing again and bucks her hips against me as she moans, “Charlie, Goddess…”

The quiver of Aveline’s body along with tightening of her muscles around my cock sends me soaring. I drive my length into her repeatedly and with a loud grunt, I bury myself completely before I spill inside her. Removing my hand from her clit, I take hold of her hips before I lift my head to the sky and exclaim, “Avie, you’re fucking amazing…”

My legs shake beneath me as I make a few shallow thrusts into her until my cock softens and I slip out of her body. I spin away from Aveline and fall back against the rail. My breathing is raspy and I lean backward as she presses her body against my side. Her chest heaves against me as she replies, “Thank you, Charlie. I think I have to agree.”

I glance toward the doors and I’m surprised to see a number of people milling around the balcony. Tapping Aveline’s shoulder, I say, “It looks like the party came out to us, love. Maybe we can go inside now. Then I can stand behind the woman who’ll end up as Minister of Magic one day.”

Aveline smiles as she steps away and begins to straighten herself. As she fastens her robes once more, she replies, “Thanks, Charlie…I’d be lucky to have you supporting me.”

“I’m being serious and when you run, I’m going to stand behind you. I’ll do everything I can to make sure you get elected,” I respond while I pull up my trousers and zip them again. “But we should be getting back inside, Madame Minister before everyone leaves.”

Aveline steps toward me again and as I button my robe, she curves her arms around my neck. I stare down at her before she kisses me softly on the lips and murmurs, “I think that I’ve had enough of rubbing elbows tonight, so why don’t you take me home and we can maybe spend a bit more time just enjoying each other.”
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