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"Home Cooking" NC-17 for Adult Content

“Are you eating healthy foods, Aveline? You look a bit peaked,” Molly comments and I glance over at Aveline, watching her squirm slightly on the sofa under Mum’s latest barrage of questions.

“She’s perfectly fine, Mum. Paddy Meagher says she is doing magnificently,” I reply while taking Aveline’s hand, hopefully reassuring her as I wonder whether accepting Molly’s invitation for dinner was a good idea.

“Well, I have to agree with Charlie, Molly. Aveline looks lovely,” Dad smiles widely at Aveline while he tilts his tea cup toward her.

“I know she’s a lovely girl, Arthur but she ate like a bird at dinner,” Mum’s brow furrows in concern as she shakes her head slightly in dismay.

“Can we stop treating Aveline as if she’s not here, you two,” I interject and Mum and Dad glance over at me in surprise.

“Right, sorry about that, Aveline,” Dad grins again. He places his cup on the coffee table doily before he adds, “So Charlie told me you might be interested in a future in politics.”

“Yes, Mr…I mean Arthur. I’ve always aspired to be Minister of Magic,” Aveline replies, finally getting in a word between Molly and Arthur’s banter.

“Are you sure that wouldn’t be too much with raising a baby?” Mum asks. She leans forward on her chair while she continues, “I think you’re perfectly capable, dear. But the life is hard. That’s why I’ve always told Arthur to be wary about going into politics.”

“But he’s not listening. Is he, Dad?” I smile impishly.

“Your mother and I are still discussing it, Charlie. But a chance at a seat on the Wizengamot is tempting,” Dad replies and I watch Mum scowl.

“You’d finally get the recognition you deserve,” I respond and Dad nods his head sagely.

“Well, we did not invite you and Aveline over for dinner to discuss politics. I want to know more about our grandchild,” Mum interrupts and reaches across the coffee table to pat Aveline’s belly. Molly stares at Aveline in admiration while adding, “You really are quite lovely.”

Aveline smiles in response, her eyes full of surprise before she says, “Thank you, Molly.”

“Are you sure you’re alright, dear?” Mum asks and I cut my eyes toward Aveline and see that she looks a bit pale.

“I’m fine but I may need to go home and lie down,” Aveline answers and I take her hand again.

I begin to stand to gather our things when Mum says, “You can’t leave yet. We haven’t had dessert. Why don’t you just go lie down upstairs in Charlie and Bill’s old room until you feel better.”

I look at Aveline as she smiles wanly at me and nods her head. I immediately take Aveline’s arm and lead her upstairs. She seems to get better with each step as we make our way up the flight of stairs and when we reach the second flight, Aveline leans over and whispers, “I’m sorry, Charlie. I like your parents a lot but they were wearing me out.”

“They can be a bit overwhelming,” I reply quietly as we stop in front of the door on the top floor that leads into my old room. Opening the door, I stare into my old room while I snicker, “Welcome to my past.”

Aveline stares around in wonder at the Quidditch posters with the players flying from one to another and at Bill’s collection of books covering one wall as she walks into the room. She reaches onto a shelf near my bed and takes hold of one of my old Quidditch trophies before she says, “It’s like stepping into your room when you were at Hogwarts.”

“Molly doesn’t believe in changing things much once we move out,” I comment while I close the door behind me, hearing the snick of the lock snapping into place…one of the many modifications Bill and I made to our room.

Aveline sits on the bed, kicking off her shoes before she leans back and grins, “What the girls at Hogwarts wouldn’t have given to be where I am now. Did you ever bring one up here?”

“No, I think Bill did a few times. Tonks and I couldn’t make it past the kitchen table,” Chuckling, I sit on the bed next to her, remembering the one time Tonks and I found ourselves alone at the Burrow.

“The table we ate at today?” Aveline blanches before she smiles.

“Yes, but don’t worry. Mum has probably cleaned it twice a day since then,” I answer while placing my hand on Aveline’s belly. I rub it softly and feel our baby move before I continue, “Maybe we can have a few Quidditch posters in the little one’s room?”

“As long as there are lots of books like on Bill’s side of the room,” Aveline chides.

“That’s a deal then. But now, lie down, I want to show you something,” I grin while nodding my head in response.

I lean back and take my wand out of my robe and extinguish the candles in the room before the ceiling lights up and I see a comet burst across the room and stars begin to burn brightly on the ceiling in the darkness of the room. Aveline gasps before lie next to her and continue, “Bill and I did this one summer. He loves the stars and I love the outdoors. So we cast a few spells, transformed some of Dad’s old Muggle lights and suspended them. It’s always nice to stare up at during the night.”

“It’s beautiful, Charlie,” Aveline’s dark eyes seem to twinkle while reflecting the lighting from the ceiling and turn over, reaching out with my hand to graze across her cheek.t

“So are you, love,” I reply as Aveline glances at me and even in the darkness, I see her eyes smolder before snakes her arm around my neck and brings my mouth to hers. Our lips meet as a soft moan escapes from her before our tongues swirl together. My hand scrapes along her side until I reach the hem of her shirt and I begin to lift the material up her body.

“We can’t, Charlie. Your parents are right downstairs,” Aveline gasps as she breaks our kiss. My lips immediately drop down to the column of her throat and I luxuriate in her taste

“You said it was every girl’s fantasy, love. Besides, the door is locked,” I murmur against her skin.

“Every girl’s fantasy but I’m a big, fat pregnant woman,” Aveline replies but I can tell from the glint in her eyes that she needs to feel desired and the truth be told, I’ve never stopped wanting her.

“You shouldn’t talk about yourself that way,” I say gently as Aveline lifts up and I pull her shirt over her head. My hand runs over her ivory skin, raising goose bumps which seem to shine in the gossamer light of the room while I whisper, “You’re one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, Avie and I mean that.”

She turns toward me and I unhook her bra, watching it drop off her body before my hands come around to cup her breasts. Aveline leans her head against my shoulder and sighs as my thumbs brush against her nipples before she says, “They’re getting too large now.”

“What man is going to complain if your tits are too big?” I tease as I scrape my nails against the underside of her breasts. “Definitely not me or Jacque for that matter.”

“Stop it, Charlie,” she responds breathlessly.

Bringing my head forward, I allow my tongue to trace the shell of her ear while my hands glide down her side until they find the band of her trousers. Aveline unbuttons her trousers and lifts up, allowing me to slide them down her legs. She kicks them off when they reach her knees while I smile, “No knickers, love?”

Aveline grins devilishly, “I told you it was every girl’s fantasy at Hogwarts to be here.”

My hand reaches between her legs, finding her clit before I begin to twirl my fingers over the sensitive flesh. Her head falls back once more as I say amusedly, “You know you’re a wicked girl, Avie.”

She turns toward me as my hand falls away, her lips finding mine while she fumbles with my zip. My cock springs free and I groan quietly when her hand curls eagerly around my erection. Aveline takes hold of my trousers and pulls them down my legs while I take off my shift. She tilts her head forward, her tongue flickering out to taste the skin on my chest before I place my hands on her hips and move her until she is lying on her back.

“Goddess, Charlie,” she moans as I maneuver between her legs and place my cock against her wetness.

Taking her legs, I place them against my chest before I enter her in one fevered thrust. Her back arches as I begin to move inside Aveline, her hands flying behind her to grip the sheets as I growl, “Going to fuck you into the mattress, love.”

My words seem to incite her as I place my hands on her waist and pull her to me. As I watch her writhe on the bed, her body beginning to glisten in the dim light as our passion grows, I wonder why she would ever worry if she is desired. I’ve always wanted her, needed her…first as a friend and now as a lover.

“Already there….oh, Merlin,” She tosses her head back and I’m surprised to feel her walls begin to clench around me, pulling me into her. I renew my assault, driving my cock into her relentlessly while her moans resonate around my room.

My hand drops from her waist until it finds her nub once more and I rasp my thumb against her clit while I admonish, “Don’t hold back on me, Avie. I want you to scream when you come, love.”

Aveline shakes her head so I press my thumb against her clitoris, feeling my nail dig into her gently. Her hand flies to her mouth as she stifles a cry before her body begins to tremble, an agonizing shiver running the length and breadth along her porcelain skin. Her muscles grip my length as her back bows once more and her legs press against my chest, searching for a foothold to ride out her pleasure. Avie moans while biting her lip before I begin to piston my cock into her with a renewed fervor before she finally spirals off the edge. Her cry sings throughout my room as I watch her shudder below me, her hands fisting the sheets, holding her to this earth as she says, “Goddess, Charlie….I love you.”

She continues to thrash on the bed, her impassioned screams a siren call as I feel my own need begin to rise.I take hold of her upper thighs, trying desperately to hold off my release for one more moment. But it is no use and when she tightens around me one last time, I join Aveline in her Nirvana while I hiss, “Merlin, you’re beautiful.”

I bury my cock in Aveline, feeling it beginning to pulse while I sheathe my length completely and spill within her. My vision begins to gray as my body quivers while I hold myself inside her, never wanting to leave her warmth.

But finally I cannot hold myself up any longer and I pull out of Aveline, listening to her sigh at the loss before I collapse bonelessly beside her. All, I can hear is our uneven breathing before Aveline gasps, “Your mother is going to hate me now. I’m sure they heard me.”

“You don’t think Bill and I were smart enough to put silencing charms on the room, Avie?” I smirk while my hand reaches out to take hers.

“I guess so,” she answers. Aveline stretches, her feline grace still in place before she smiles, “Well, that was one fantasy fulfilled.”

Turning onto my side, I prop my head up on my elbow while I grin, “I’m glad I could help. Are you feeling better now?”

“Good enough to go down and have dessert,” she laughs.

My eyes light up at her comment before I kiss her on the cheek and reply, “I thought that’s what we just did.”
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